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– You get the necessary exposure
– More feedback and reviews
– You are in a better position to build your brand
– More opportunities become open to you

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If you wish to go it alone then Use these Spotify Promotion Tips to Increase your Followers

There is no denying the fact that Spotify has become one of the most important music streaming subscription platforms for artists. This platform has more than 140 million active users out of which 60 million are paying subscribers. This platform is growing at a breakneck speed and offers a variety of new tools to independent artists like you to succeed on this platform. Therefore, it’s in your interest to engage in a promotion strategy and invest time and effort in increasing the number of followers on Spotify.

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spotify promotion guideThere are several benefits of increasing your Spotify followers. One of the biggest advantages is that your fans on the platform get email notifications whenever you upload new music on the platform or announced new shows using Songkick.com. In addition, Spotify has a Release Radar playlist where your songs will show up in addition to other algorithmically generated playlists on the platform.

Important Tip: First and foremost, it is important for you to take a long look at your music marketing strategy and figure out where Spotify fits into that strategy. Not all artists are going to benefit from increasing followers on Spotify. For some artists, Instagram makes much more sense. For others, SoundCloud or YouTube subscribers are more important as compared to Spotify subscribers.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that music streaming is not going anywhere and it’s the future. I am mentioning this to ensure that you do not jump blindly into Spotify only because it’s the latest trend. Think about it so that at a late date you should not feel that all your marketing efforts on growing your Spotify presence was a waste of time, effort and money.

Claim Your Spotify Artist Profile

This is the first step to a winning Spotify strategy. Here is a link where you can learn more about this topic in detail: https://artists.spotify.com/guide/spotify-for-artists

I requested access to this feature for a few artists I work with but I was asked to verify using the Twitter account of the artists. You need to keep this in mind when you’re trying to claim your artist profile. While it is not necessary in order to grow your followers on the platform but keep in mind that claiming your artist profile offers you much more. It gives you access to immensely important data.

When you claim your profile, you will get access to tools that will tell you a lot about your audience, songs they like as well as playlists that include your songs among other things. Claiming your profile will also get you a blue checkmark against your profile which means you are officially verified on the platform.

Spotify has been accused of unfair payouts and royalty practices but the company has always maintained that they are committed to bring a lot of value to artists through data and other tools like these.

You should also know that to make full use of the tips mentioned below, you will need access to your Spotify artist profile. Once you get access and have complete control over your Spotify artist profile, you should download the Spotify for Artists app (iOs).

Here are a few Spotify Promotions that will help you increase the number of followers on Spotify:

Place ‘Follow’ Button Widget on Your Website to Help with Spotify Branding

To get the code for the follow button widget, you will need to log into your account and click on the tools button. Add the generated code to your website in order to create a follow button. Visitors on your website can click that button to become a follower on Spotify. In simple terms, this widget makes it easier for visitors to become your follower on the platform. It’s perfect for Spotify branding

In addition, it is also recommended to embed a playlist of your songs next to the follow button. First of all, you will need to create a playlist that contains all of your music or some chosen songs or all the latest releases. Having this playlist on your website will make the visitors aware of your presence on the platform and it will add to your followers. However, you also need to understand that your visitors will need their own Spotify account in order to play the music on the embedded Spotify music player. Ideally, you should use an audio player such as SoundCloud or Bandcamp as these do not come with any such restrictions and make it easy for visitors to listen to your music on your website.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Take advantage of your followers on other social media platforms to increase the number of followers on Spotify. Do not just straightaway ask them to follow you on Spotify. Instead, you should focus on explaining the benefits of following you on Spotify and how it helps you.

As mentioned in the beginning, the biggest benefit is that your followers get notifications whenever new music is uploaded on Spotify which means they won’t miss out on any of your new releases. Also, do not forget to tell your friends and family members.

Ask the Email Subscribers to Aid your Spotify Music Promotion

You should also take advantage of your email subscribers in case you have an email list through an online email platform such as MailChimp. Do not straightaway ask your subscribers to follow you on Spotify. Try to be a bit creative. For instance, give them an incentive such as releasing a new song or video just for them in case you get a certain number of followers.

Live Show Audience

When you have a live audience in front of you, take advantage of this opportunity and let your fans know that you are there on Spotify and they can follow you in case they like your music. Again, don’t be direct and just mention it towards the end or in the middle of the set. You can also offer incentives such as discount on your merchandise in case they follow you on Spotify. This is central to great real promotion on spotify

Keep Going with your Spotify Promos

One of the best ways to get more followers on Spotify is to constantly put new music on the platform as it will naturally condition people to follow you if they want to keep up with your releases. It’s a big incentive for fans and gives them a reason to follow you. You won’t get much traction in case you keep asking fans to follow you on Spotify but you haven’t added any songs to the platform for the past few years.

Get Creative with Playlists to Help Promote Spotify

Get creative by creating playlists around a particular theme in order to add your songs. This playlist should be promoted on social media as well as on your Spotify profile. Be smart and do not add only your songs to the playlist as you want to ensure that playlist stays true to the theme. These playlists should be added on social media and you may want to tag other artists included in the playlists. The basic idea is to promote the playlists and get others to like and share the playlists to get some exposure which may add to your followers.

You also want people to add your songs in their playlists in addition to increasing the number of your Spotify followers. Addition of your songs to other playlists helps Spotify identify the songs that are added to the auto generated playlists of their subscribers (Discover Weekly and Release Radar). It will help you get additional exposure. Keep in mind that there is no automatic way to get this done on its own and you have to ask for it or produce excellent music so that people are naturally inclined to add your music to their playlist.

Follow Gates

There are several tools available in the market that can help you increase your number of followers and aid organic Spotify promotions. A follow gate is such a tool. With the help of this tool, you can increase the number of followers by exchanging song download in lieu of a follow.

There was a time when free downloads were a thing but the current music streaming climate has completely changed. Therefore, you will need to do something special in order to make your download enticing. In case your song is really good and people want it, you should make the song exclusive. In this manner, they can download the song only when they give their email address or follow you on Spotify.

Invest in Social Media Advertising for Better Spotify Promotion

It’s an advanced way to add to the number of followers but you will need to do a bit more work. Keep in mind that you need to have a budget and spend some money for buying advertising which means you need to be careful doing this. It’s recommended to spend your money on Instagram and Facebook advertising in order to get the best bang for your buck.

You need to create a strategy in order to get the most value for your advertising budget and to make the most of your Spotify promos. I’m planning to write a detailed blog on using social media advertising to gain more exposure. For now, I have prepared some guidelines in order to help you get most value for your advertising money and save you from spending all your budget without any appreciable return.

The first thing you need to understand is that audience can be divided into three general segments for the purposes of social media advertising in order to enhance the number of Spotify followers. I label these segments as hot, cold and warm.

  • The cold segment includes people who are not aware of your existence or existence of your music.
  • Warm segment includes people who are aware of your name and may have listened to some of your songs.
  • Hot audience includes people who are familiar with you and are fans of your music. I haven’t heard anyone discussing hot audiences but I will include it here in order to give you a visual of the type of audiences.

You will need to buy social media ads differently for different types of audiences.

To get more Spotify followers, you shouldn’t target cold audience right at the start as it’s not going to be cost-effective. Normally, people do this by targeting individuals who have interest in artists similar to you.

For effective advertising, it is important for you to find out other artists your fans listen to in order to show targeted ads for those artists. When you access your profile on Spotify, you will also get some suggestions on the other artists that your fans listen to. Another way to get more artists is to click on the Spotify profile of an artist and take a look at the related artists. The problem with this approach is that it is not possible to target fans of artists who are not well known as their names won’t appear in the interest box.

A better idea is to try to convert the cold audiences into warm audiences by giving them an enticing offer such as showing a music video, offering a free download or sending them to a customized playlist on Spotify that includes your music. The basic idea is to enhance your brand awareness and send visitors to your website in order to build a custom audience with the help of a Facebook Pixel. It can then be used to show them ads and ask them to follow you on Spotify.

In case you’re not aware of Facebook Pixel, it’s a simple piece of code that is placed on your website in order to attract visitors. You can then target these visitors by using the Facebook Ad manager. This particular group can then be shown targeted ads. In case you are not a tech person, here is where you can learn more about it: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/651294705016616.

Your website visitors are part of the warm audiences which means ads asking them to become a follower on Spotify will be much more effective. In case your website doesn’t get too many visitors on its own, an enticing offer such as free download of your songs to cold audiences is an effective way to drive more traffic to your website. The Facebook Pixel will take care of everything and there is no need for you to do any gating or ask for emails.

Hot audience will include your fans and followers on social media. To target this audience, you can post something on Facebook and use the Facebook’s Ad Manager to boost your post.

There is a lot more to advertising on social media to increase the number of followers on Spotify such as ways to organize your campaigns, use of marketing objective and different types of ad copy among others.

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