If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Twitter is surely one of the most complimentary corners of the Internet for any business or public figure. Anybody can sign up for an account on Twitter under just about any name on this celebrated social media site, and this means that imitations and parodies are rife throughout the Twitterverse. Sometimes this is jus

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t harmless fun, but it could be potentially damaging to your brand if the wrong person manages to convince visitors that they represent you – few things in the modern world spread quick as quickly as a disgruntled tweet, and the indignation that follows can reach almost epidemic levels in a matter of hours.


Thankfully, Twitter verification is arguably the most recognisable form of confirmation on all forms of social media and blogs. The blue tick that accompanies a verified Twitter profile has grown to be considered an iconic status symbol, and will be reassuring to any visitor to your page that you represent the name applied to your account. This is important for public figures, as while it is fantastic that Twitter has given everybody a voice, it should also be noted that Twitter has given everybody a voice – trolling and abuse is sadly commonplace in certain dark corners of the site, often anonymously or while impersonating others, and it’s essential that it’s genuinely your voice that is being heard.


Businesses, perhaps, benefit most from verification, with more and more customers using this form of social media to ask questions, seek real-time updates on order statuses and reservations, and stay updated with the news and developments of their favourite brands. Therefore, It’s important these knowledge-seekers are supplied with accurate information.


Twitter’s policy on which profiles qualify for verification is simple – they must declare your profile to be one of public interest. This could be within any field that draws the attention of visitors to the site, but it is not reliant on your number of followers or frequency of communication. Until 2016 it was Twitter themselves that decided which profiles were worthy of the honour of verification, but an application is now open to everybody – and this something that The Social Media Verification Team would be delighted to assist you with if your account passes our own quality control audits.  It should also be noted that verification on Twitter does not come with a promise of tenure, and the site’s administrators can remove it as quickly as it was granted. Working with our professional team will ensure that you are fully aware of the guidelines and codes of conduct that will retain your status.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you from applying for this verification yourself – provided you have the time and the inclination to spend on such a lengthy task. Twitter have a number of criteria that they expect to be met from an account that seeks verification, some of which they make public and others that are played a little closer to their chest, and a string of emails will be required to complete the process. What’s more, should your request be declined you will have to wait thirty days before you make a new application. The Social Media Verification Team are experts on this site, and as a result we are fully aware of everything that will be required in order to gain you that celebrated blue tick of verification without the need to continually chip away at trial and error.


Our Twitter verification service is available for a very reasonable fee – an outlay that pales into insignificance when compared the protection and gravitas provided to your account when verification is confirmed. We never charge a client until our duties are complete, holding the funds in a pre-authorised account until your account is visibly verified. Completing his process will also bring an influx of new visitors to your profile, some of whom will be drawn like moths to the flame of that famous blue tick and others that will be watching your profile for insights into how to gain their own, and Twitter verification can also be a stepping stone to gaining this recognition other, stricter social media sites such as Facebook.

Get in touch today if you are interested in using our experience and expertise to get your Twitter profile verified, and enjoy all the peace of mind that this will inspire in you and your many followers