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It’s been claimed that a picture is worth a thousand words, so in the ever-changing landscape of social media, Instagram verification services are invaluable. Steadily gaining in popularity each and every day, the explosion of Instagram means that the conventional Big Two of social media is now a trinity. It’s arguably even more important than ever that your Instagram account is protected by blue tick verification, however, and unlike language, visuals are truly universal. Unwelcome and unpleasant images being posted under your identity by somebody that is not affiliated with you or your business could have a hugely detrimental effect on your online standing.


Instagram first introduced verification in 2014, represented by the now-standard blue tick badge beside a profile’s name and designed to protect celebrities, public figures and global brands (much like Facebook, a small or local business cannot be verified at this point in time).


Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not accept applications for verification, instead deciding from themselves with accounts merit this unique online honour – making it arguably the most prestigious social media platform to gain a blue tick upon. The professionals at The Social Media Verification Team are fully aware of what these criteria are, and will be able assist you in reaching it. We will carefully audit your account to ensure that it meets our own quality standards for an account worthy of verification, and once satisfied that it does so we can advise and assist you in making the necessary changes. We can also help with compiling Instagram accounts and even offer an Instagram service to get lost accounts back. 


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The team at Instagram tend to make their decisions on verification based upon how active your account is, so there is little point in attempting to gain this accolade if you do not use your account very often. Post plenty, and engage with your followers, amassing more as you go – but don’t fall into the trap of paying for spam. Instagram will see straight through any account that has two million followers, most of which post nothing by emojis and nonsensical replies to photographs that bear no relevance to the subject at hand. It’s important to remember that social media platforms are ultimately hugely successful business platforms for advertising, and thus the site administrators want to see genuine people amassing on your profile page so they have a ready-made audience to target with marketing.

Your verified Instagram status will also depend on whether you can prove that you are a genuine household name, so make Instagram the last stop on your verification tour, linking to your other social media accounts. Verification on Facebook or Twitter will have no impact on whether Instagram decide to bestow the same status upon your account, but interaction does. If the administration team investigate your Facebook account and find that you have very few followers and rarely engage with them, they will assume that your profile does not hold sufficient public interest to merit Instagram verification – they will be looking for evidence that potential customers or fans are seeking your presence out all over the web, and will be genuinely interested in any snapshots that you will be sharing.

The Advantages Of Having A Verified Instagram Profile and Using an Instagram Verification Service

Our Instagram verification process can help you get approved and take your profile to the next level! Are you tired of constantly getting denied verification? Whether you run your own influencer account or are a online casino brand – our verification service will help your social media or even your influencer SEO or casino SEO efforts If so, our services are guaranteed to help you succeed!

Our Instagram Verification Services Help People Worldwide

If you’ve tried submitting your verification paperwork and have gotten denied numerous times by Instagram, we can get you approved! By using Instagram Media Partner support, our program includes working on your PR background before officially submitting your request. Your chances of approval infinitely increase when done through our services as we establish your profile with plenty of background information and statistics that we pass along to Instagram.

Our Step-By-Step Verification Process

  1. Have The Right PR

Instagram generally only accepts users with established PR backgrounds that have been published at least in 8 different media sources. Chances are, you may not have this, which is a process we can help you with!

  1. The Application Process

We will properly fill out your application paperwork and include your profile details as well as press links. Using our Instagram media partner, we then move forward to submitting the request.

  1. The Approval Process

Due to our insider knowledge of the process, we can make sure that your profile is Instagram verified in just a few short days! If you’re not verified in the allotted time frame, we will offer you a full refund for your satisfaction.

Why Is Having A Verified Instagram Profile A Big Deal?

Prevent Impersonation

For the most part, having an Instagram verified profile prevents anyone from blatantly stealing your limelight and impersonating you. This is one of the key points why most celebrities, athletes, and famous public figures are promptly verified. The iconic verification checkmark is also able to help people instantly connect with their favorite brands!

Establish Credibility

Having a verified profile opens up your business to a whole new world. First and foremost, consumers are more likely to trust your company as less than 1 percent of Instagram users are able to pass the verification check. That means that getting verified shows the world that you’re established, credible, and ultimately, a big deal! Moreover, accounts that have been verified are less likely to scam people when hosting contests or giveaways.

Better Brand Recognition

Having passed the necessary verification points in the system doesn’t just make you more credible, but it boosts your visibility as well. Verified profiles are suggested more often and are ranked higher in the search when users seek new information. It is also purported that the Instagram algorithm tends to favor verified profiles, making your brand engagement increase tenfold while also yielding new business opportunities for your company. Even if your company isn’t well known per se, most people will automatically see you as an industry leader thanks to the checkmark! 

Easier To Monetize Accounts

Instagram also helps verified accounts get monetized and insider access to newly released features. For example, the swipe-up feature on Instagram stories is only made available to profiles with at least 10,000 users, and that usually means big name brands! However, there is an exception to this rule as verified profiles also get access to this secret tool.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands!

Instagram plays favorites and getting verified on your own is virtually impossible. However, if you let us help you, we have the connections to get your profile verified in a matter of days. Without supporting evidence of your success, Instagram will often deny your documentation as being insufficient. On the other hand, we’re willing to supply everything they need to establish your PR background!

A verified account can help your fledgling company take root and gain recognition. By appearing higher in organic search results, getting verified is an investment in your marketing efforts for the future!


Instagram is a comparatively young social media movement, which means that in some cases it is ripe for exploitation and in others it can feel like you are flying blind as you seek the appropriate acknowledgement. Thankfully, The Social Media Verification Team pride ourselves on our ability to remain on the cutting edge of communication, and as a result we are Insta-experts. For a very reasonable fee, which you will not be charged until we have completed the task assigned to us and that all-important blue tick is beside your profile name, we can do the necessary work for you to get your account verified once and correctly – leaving you free to focus your energies on sharing those all-important photographs that best represent you or your brand.

If you are interested in utilising our skills and experience to get your Instagram verified, get in touch below– we’re ready to work for you.

FAQs About Instagram Verification Services Blue Tick Services

What Kinds of Accounts Does Instagram Verify? 

Personal accounts or the accounts of influencers can get verification badges. Instagram verification is for people with real photos and original content. If you are a public figure or a notable person, you can get accounts verified. 

How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram to Gain Verified Status?

There is no set number of followers you need to get official status on your own account on Instagram. The most important thing is your notability and online presence. It is, therefore, helpful to be featured in notable publications. 

For instance, articles on top-tier publications, such as Yahoo, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, can help you get a badge. In addition, if you have a page on Wikipedia, it can improve your online presence. 

How Do Instagram Verification Services Work? 

  • Once you send your application, we will review it. 
  • We perform a notability check before we send your profile for verification. 
  • Once we perform the notability check, we will send your account to Instagram for verification. 
  • We have representatives at Instagram who will help us get your account verified.

Can You Handle Press Coverage? 

Yes, we can handle your press coverage. We can write articles and publish them in different publications. We use these articles to boost your online presence. You can use the articles to get badges on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. Only some public figures have verification, often because many don’t have enough press. However, we can help you achieve notability via our news articles created through media partners.

Can You Guarantee Verification? 

Yes, we guarantee verification. Our success rate is very high. We will make sure your profile meets the requirements to get successfully verified before we submit your account to Instagram for verification and the hallowed verification badge. 

What is the Purpose of Instagram Verification?

It is easy to wonder what is the purpose of the tick on Instagram. If you want to know the purpose of the famous tick, continue reading. 

A lot of people consume content on the internet. Most people consume content on their favorite social media platforms. Therefore, the demand for social media content is growing. It is, therefore, beneficial for most people to get verified on Instagram. Once you get verified, more people are more likely to trust you. 

However, getting verified on Instagram can help some people become more popular since they can get more followers. Having a big social media presence can help you. However, getting verified can help you build confidence and trust with your followers. 

People are always looking for credible sources of content. People consume too much online content these days. However, there is a lot of fake news on the internet. If you are verified and you’ve a verification badge, however, people can consume your content since they trust you as a real person who can be easily found online . 

Getting verified on Instagram can, therefore, help you get more followers and grow your business. 

Instagram uses verification to make sure their users get credible content from reliable sources. It is easy to trust a verified account. Once your profile gets verified, your profile can appear authentic and honest. 

However, some people have problems with the verification service. They think Instagram uses their verification service to divide public figures from the general users. This is mainly because Instagram checks the recognition, trust, and popularity of the person before getting them verified. 

However, all these thoughts are just myths. This is because it is not easy to get the badge beside the Instagram profile bio on Instagram. The process is long and tedious. 

It also takes a lot of effort and time for companies and people to build their brands. If you can build your brand, you can get verified on Instagram. 

What Do I Need to Provide to Get Blue Tick Verified on Instagram?

Unfortunately, some people still think you need to have a specific number of Instagram followers to get verified on Instagram. It is not always the case. Having a huge following on Instagram can help you get verified. It can even make the process much easier. You, however, still need to meet other requirements. 

One of the requirements is that the person or company must be notable, unique, and authentic. 

It is, therefore, essential to submit the profile of a registered business or a genuine person. Do not use fake pictures. Make sure the photos on your account represent your authentic entity. 

It matters to be unique. Do not use a fake name to create a fake Instagram account on the Instagram app. Then, send the fake account for verification. If your account is not unique, Instagram will decline your verification. 

It is, therefore, essential to create an accurate BIO. We will write articles about you. The name on your account should align with the name we will use on these articles. Do not set your account to private. You need to set it to public. 

We will focus on building your online presence. If you are not mentioned on various news sources, Instagram might not consider your application. They use to search for your name if you request verification. 

It is, therefore, vital to start with Google. One of the requirements is to have one or more articles about you published on different platforms. Some recommend having 8 to 10 articles and the articles should have a strong reference to you. 

The articles must, however, meet certain requirements. You need to write the articles in English and publish them on credible sources. And the articles must show up on the Google news tab. 

It is also vital to use Wikipedia to improve your chances of getting verified on Instagram. A lot of popular public figures have a Wikipedia page. It is, therefore, essential to have a strong Wikipedia page about yourself. Your Wikipedia page will carry your personal information, the work you do, and your achievements. 

Instagram does not always rely on followers to verify an account. Instagram has, however, verified the accounts of some people because these people had a high number of followers on Instagram. Remember, getting verified on Instagram will depend on your online presence. If you are a public figure, you are more likely to have more Instagram followers. It is, therefore, beneficial to grow the number of your Instagram followers. 

New articles mostly talk about entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, politicians, and many public figures. So, you can use news articles to improve your online presence – our PR experts can help with this. 

Do not, however, focus on getting your article printed in the newspaper. The purpose of writing these articles is to improve your online presence. This means making it easy for people to find your name on Google, though a huge amount of confidential information is available via social media profiles nowadays via Instagram profiles and other socials. 

It is better to focus on publishing more articles with your name on them. It is essential to have press articles appear on

One of the best things about Instagram Verification is it is only available to people who are successful in their fields. A few people can, therefore, get verified on Instagram. However, the people, who are getting verified, have valued opinions and voices in the general public. 

Here are some things to note: 

It is free to get social media verification and free to send an Instagram verification request. Instagram will not charge you to review and approve your account. We charge fees for creating the news articles about you and publishing the news articles on multiple media sites and multiple news sources. Google News indexes these media sites and it makes it look like you’re highly searched. 

Blue badge blue tick responsibilities

It is nice to have a verified badge on Instagram. However, it won’t help you get a larger follower count, business, or even money. Once you receive the verified badge, you will still need to build your online presence. 

If you continuously post new content, you are more likely to get more followers. This is because a lot of people visit profiles that post new content regularly. It is essential to post quality content regularly. 

Do not, however, focus on just Instagram. You can use other social media platforms to grow your online presence, such as your Snapchat or Facebook page. You can even promote your Instagram profile on your website. If you can keep your audience engaged, they can share your content. If your Instagram posts are shared, you can get more followers.

It is important to maintain a good presence on Instagram. It is, however, more important to have a good presence on other platforms. If you have a start-up or a small business, you can get involved in current events. If you are helpful, you are more likely to become friends with the successful people in your industry. They can share your content to help you get more followers and this in turn will help you get an Instagram verification badge. 

If you can keep your followers happy out of Instagram, you can get more Instagram followers. 

Does Instagram Require Identity for your InstAGRAM vERIFICATION sERVICE?

Starting July 2021, Instagram will ask for official ID verification. They only accept the official documentation. This is something to consider if you run your Instagram account with an alias. If you do not use your real name, you might not get verified. If you are using your real name, you can use your passport to get verified. It is, however, difficult to get verification documents for an Alias account. 

Will Instagram Ask for News References to Get Verified on Instagram?

Also, starting July 2021, Instagram will ask for the URL of the news articles where you are mentioned in the news.

If you work with us, we will send you a spreadsheet with the successful news articles. You will see the live links to these news articles and promotional content. 

Once you submit your application with the live links, you will just wait for Instagram to inform you if your application is successful or you do not meet their requirements, yet. If you provided genuine identification documents and you did not get verified, it means you still need more notability and need a more visible unique presence. 

Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?

Anyone can get social media verification. However, the person must be a popular public figure. If you are a public figure, you can get your account verified. It can, however, be tricky to meet the requirements of Instagram. In fact, there are a lot of successful people in the world, so they use the coveted blue badge to show it. 

Companies and Businesses – One of the best platforms for promoting your company or business is Instagram. You can use Instagram to engage and communicate with your clients and customers. People can use Instagram to know more about your brand. 

Entrepreneurs and Influencers – If people consider you an influencer, you are more likely to become popular on Instagram. Influencers use their Instagram account to share good things across the world. If you live a lavish lifestyle, you can get popular on Instagram. In fact, some Instagram Influencers make full-time from their accounts. They get paid to endorse different companies and products and even to travel the world. The influencers work with different companies. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, use Instagram to promote their products and services.

Musicians, Journalists, Writers, Artists – People love content. You can, therefore, use socials to share your content. If you get verified, you can get more followers in your industry. If you are in the arts and culture, you can use Instagram to share your passion. In fact, you can use Instagram to influence Instagram users with your ideas. It is, therefore, beneficial to get verified for more people to trust you. 

Anyone else – Any person or business can send a verification application . In fact, a lot of politicians use Instagram to communicate with their supporters and followers. They do not just use regular media outlets. They can use Instagram to help their supporters to get to know them better. 

If you can meet the requirements of Instagram, you can get verified. 

The different social media platforms have different requirements. 

How to Maintain Instagram Verification

Once you get verified, you need to maintain your verification since Instagram can de-verify your profile. You will need to agree to terms and services and community guidelines when submitting your verification application. If you cannot meet their terms, they can remove verified badges.

It is essential to adhere to their terms and services and post new content regularly. Do not use your account to sell different products. And do not even link your profile to different profiles. 

Once you get verified, it does not mean you will keep your status forever. If you can, however, meet the criteria of Instagram, you can keep your blue badge forever.