It will not have escaped your attention that over the course of its thirteen-year lifespan, Facebook has grown and changed exponentially. Business is now big on the network and if you buy a verification badge on Facebook you can take advantage of it. A Facebook verification badge was once the sole reserve of finding out what your friends were preparing for dinner, Facebook is becoming increasingly prominent as a marketing tool for multinational corporations, as well as growing in stature as a way for artists and musicians to gain exposure for their work.


Image of Facebook verificationNaturally, if somebody is going to place your faith in a brand’s social media presence, they’ll want to know that you are dealing with the genuine article. That’s where Facebook account verification comes in, which is a sure-fire way of gaining the trust of a visitor to your page, in addition to drastically boosting your search engine rankings.

Similar to Twitter or Instagram, verified Facebook account that belong to celebrities and other public figures (including politicians) are accompanied by a blue tick, while businesses are represented by a grey equivalent. If a Facebook page boasts either of these badges, any visitor can be assured that the site has vetted these accounts and confirmed that they belong to whom they claim.


So, why is buying Facebook verification important? Well, firstly, Facebook have recently changed their regulations, and as of 2016 branded and sponsored content can only be posted by a verified account. If you are looking to use Facebook as a marketing tool, as so many are doing now, verification is a pivotal step in the process.

Perhaps more importantly, however, it acts as protection for you as an individual or your company as a business entity. Let’s imagine that you work for a business or company that has a household name. In theory, there is nothing to stop anybody from setting up a page under this identity should they be so inclined, and if a customer wanted to find out about your employers or get in touch, they could end up conversing with this stranger.

If you’re very lucky, the person at the other end of the computer may be an enthusiast and will wax lyrical about your product. If you’re less fortunate, you may be dealing with a prankster that believes it would be hilarious to post incorrect information about opening hours, locations of trade or contact information that could frustrate potential customers and cost you business. Alternatively, you could really suffer at the hands of an online troll that gleefully and maliciously insults your customers and makes disparaging claims about your business, leading to substantial negative PR that quickly goes viral.

Naturally, this is even more important for individuals, for whom their brand is their public identity. If you are a public figure or government official and a stranger is masquerading as you and making unsavoury comments, the consequences could be dire.


You need to know that if you wish to buy verification on Facebook, it can be a laborious experience if you are not familiar with the process. There will be a number of online forms to complete and other hoops to jump through, including the uploading of a great many personal documents, and even then there will be a waiting time while the Facebook team do their work. If you are seeking verification as a business of individual it suggests that are hugely successful in your chosen field, and successful people tend to be very, very busy people. Do you really have enough time in your schedule to go through this process, especially when here at The Social Media Verification Team we can do it for you?


Our dedicated team of social media professionals will take some key information from you, and confirm that you are eligible for verification under Facebook’s strict criteria – and our own, as we pride ourselves on only dealing with quality social media accounts that merit such a process. Once we have finished auditing your data and are satisfied that we will be able to achieve this aim for you, we pre-authorize your payment, not taking the funds until our work is done and your account is verified. Following this small outlay from yourself or your company, you will be able to bask in the security that comes with Facebook verification, and the trust that this tick will inspire in visitors to your page.

If you’re interested  and are looking to buy a Facebook verification tick, please contact our team and we’ll be right back to you.