Twitch has come a long way in the last five years and the service is now offering a Twitch verified badge to allow some of its most renowned streamers and gamers to benefit from their audiences.

A Twitch verified badge allows those using the service to make some income from their streaming and has been a welcome arrival.

Our Twitch verification service is here to help those looking for verification on Twitch to achieve it easily. Our professional service will provide you with full verification and thus allow you the chance to earn money, as well as have the esteem of holding a verified Twitch profile.

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how to get verified on twitchTwitch Verification Badge and the Platforms Evolution

Over the course of the past half-decade, Twitch has evolved to become the go-to platform for video game streamers. The premium platform’s massive user base means its invaluable to individuals hoping to attract a large number of views to their streams and generate revenue. For many years, the benefit of being about to earn a living from Twitch was limited to only the most successful streamers.

Twitch has recently released an affiliate program, which allows new streamers to start making money without having to become verified partners. This is amazing news for thousands of streamers with large audiences that for some reason have failed to yet catch Twitch’s attention and be granted verified partner status allowing them to make money from the platform.

The new affiliate program is a good way of enabling smaller streamers to get verified so they can begin earning money and growing their audience base. In order to be eligible you need to meet these criteria:

  • 500 or more minutes broadcast over the course of the past 30 days
  • A minimum of 7 unique broadcasting days over the course of the past 30 days
  • An average concurrent viewership of at least 3 over the course of the past 30 days
  • 50+ Followers

How to Get Twitch Followers

One of the most important parts of getting your qualification is getting Twitch followers – you need 50 to qualify for verification.

The best possible way to get Twitch followers is to be engaging and enthusastic about your audience. It’s also very important to be respectful towards them to. People want to see some showmanship, so always play games people want to see and ask them what they’re interested in.

All of this will help you gain more followers and aid you in getting Twitch verified.

A platform member with this particular icon is a Verified user. The Twitch Verified badge uses the same icon graphic badge slot used globally on Twitch Prime, Turbo, and Bits. This slot is different from the slot used for Broadcaster, Mod, and other badge icon graphics. Every partner is automatically allocated the Verified Badge. Twitch will release a policy explaining how other users can qualify for the badge in the near future.

Contact Us to Get Verified on Twitch

It takes about a month to get verified on Twitch. This time allows us to perform what we need and also allows Twitch to process your verification.

Those looking for a Twitch verification should contact us via our contact form.

As with all verification services, users will need to meet requirements – not everyone can be provided with the Twitch verification badge.