It’s been claimed that a picture is worth a thousand words, so in the ever-changing landscape of social media, Instagram verfication is surely invaluable. Steadily gaining in popularity each and every day, the explosion of Instagram means that the conventional Big Two of social media is now a trinity. It’s arguably even more important than ever that your Instagram account is protected by verification, however, and unlike language, visuals are truly universal. Unwelcome and unpleasant images being posted under your identity by somebody that is not affiliated with you or your business could have a hugely detrimental effect on your online standing.

WHAT IS INSTAGRAM VERIFICATION?Instagram verification price

Instagram first introduced verification in 2014, represented by the now-standard blue tick badge beside a profile’s name and designed to protect celebrities, public figures and global brands (much like Facebook, a small or local business cannot be verified at this point in time).


Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not accept applications for verification, instead deciding from themselves with accounts merit this unique online honour – making it arguably the most prestigious social media platform to gain a blue tick upon. The professionals at The Social Media Verification Team are fully aware of what these criteria are, and will be able assist you in reaching it. We will carefully audit your account to ensure that it meets our own quality standards for an account worthy of verification, and once satisfied that it does so we can advise and assist you in making the necessary changes. We can also help with compiling Instagram accounts and even offer an Instagram service to get lost accounts back. 


The team at Instagram tend to make their decisions on verification based upon how active your account is, so there is little point in attempting to gain this accolade if you do not use your account very often. Post plenty, and engage with your followers, amassing more as you go – but don’t fall into the trap of paying for spam. Instagram will see straight through any account that has two million followers, most of which post nothing by emojis and nonsensical replies to photographs that bear no relevance to the subject at hand. It’s important to remember that social media platforms are ultimately hugely successful business platforms for advertising, and thus the site administrators want to see genuine people amassing on your profile page so they have a ready-made audience to target with marketing.

Your verified Instagram status will also depend on whether you can prove that you are a genuine household name, so make Instagram the last stop on your verification tour, linking to your other social media accounts. Verification on Facebook or Twitter will have no impact on whether Instagram decide to bestow the same status upon your account, but interaction does. If the administration team investigate your Facebook account and find that you have very few followers and rarely engage with them, they will assume that your profile does not hold sufficient public interest to merit Instagram verification – they will be looking for evidence that potential customers or fans are seeking your presence out all over the web, and will be genuinely interested in any snapshots that you will be sharing.

We also offer Twitter, Twitch and Facebook verification services too.


Instagram is a comparatively young social media movement, which means that in some cases it is ripe for exploitation and in others it can feel like you are flying blind as you seek the appropriate acknowledgement. Thankfully, The Social Media Verification Team pride ourselves on our ability to remain on the cutting edge of communication, and as a result we are Insta-experts. For a very reasonable fee, which you will not be charged until we have completed the task assigned to us and that all-important blue tick is beside your profile name, we can do the necessary work for you to get your Instagram account verified once and correctly – leaving you free to focus your energies on sharing those all-important photographs that best represent you or your brand.

If you are interested in utilising our skills and experience to get your Instagram verified, get in touch below– we’re ready to work for you.