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Social Media Verification Service

Make your Social Media Official with our quality social media verification service for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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Verify your Instagram Account

Add authority to your social media with our Instagram verification service for brands, celebs, public figures and large companies

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Facebook Page Verification Service

Get that blue tick on your Facebook page and verify your social media presence with our quality social media service

Twitter Verification Service

Buy Twitter verification with our renowned service and ensure your Twitter page looks official with the addition of a verification badge.

Get the Blue Check Mark

A blue check mark for your business provides you with trust and ensures your social media accounts are official, preventing issues from copycats, while aiding business growth.

More Trust
Social media verification is hard to achieve but that blue checkmark creates trust and showcases your account as official and important.
Official Social Media Account
A verified social media page shows that your account is the official one – warding off issues from copycat accounts.
The importance of branding in marketing is huge!! Buying social media verification for your accounts is massively beneficial.
Trolls and Imitation
Big brands and celebs suffer from copycats all the time. Verifying your social media prevents this and reduces the chances of abuse.

Verified Badge

A verified badge adds trust and kudos to your social media account and is worth its weight in gold.


Every esteemed brand or celeb has their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter verified and you can do so now too.


We audit your account to ensure it’s suitable. If your account is worthy we will proceed.

Pay on Completion

We only take money on completion. We require a pre-authorized payment and we process after verification.

Quality Accounts Only

If your account is not an official one, has fake likes or isn’t a brand, celeb or big company then it won’t be verified.

Verification Matters

Everybody wants to push their social media accounts to the next level and verification can do just that – contact us today.

Trust us to Verify your Social Media Accounts

We provide a quality service, offering verification for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for those with worthy accounts
Get Verified

About Us

Social media verification and that blue tick on your account is available to anyone, provided they meet the criteria. We provide this service to those with quality accounts. Musicians, famous people, celebs, people of note and brands love our service as it gives them the blue checkmark verification badge that proves the specific account is theirs officially. Like our blogger outreach services, it builds trust, protects them from imitators and adds value to their online presence. If you’re interested, contact us for an audit and we’ll do all we can to help.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Service

    Unlike many competitors out there, we provide a quality service from a UK based company.
  • Buy with Trust

    We keep all funds in a pre-authorized account, meaning we only get them when your account is verified.
  • Social Media Pros

    Improve your presence with our service and gain the trust needed to take your online efforts to the next level.

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