10 Helpful Tips for Obtaining Verification on Instagram

If you are interested in applying for Instagram verification, then the following tips are going to help you in improving your chance of getting the badge.

The tops below are going to help you succeed even if you don’t end up getting the verification on Instagram.

Completing your Instagram profile

Instagram is going to check the profile because that is how they confirm identity.
Make sure your profile has a profile picture and a well-written bio. They need to portray your company or brand accurately.

You are going to gain some credibility with your audience and grow your following and interactions when your profile is real and thorough.

Growing social media profiles

If you want your Instagram to seem more authentic, you should develop a sizable following on other media.
If you look closely, you will notice that Twitter and press releases have a lot in common. You need to take full advantage of this. You should make the best out of everything like your name being mentioned in the media or news. You have a chance of expanding your social media presence.

Watching out for fake profiles

This advice comes from Instagram themselves, although it can sometimes feel like you are crying wolf by saying your identity is in danger. Instagram has acknowledged that there is a high risk of brands and well-known figures being impersonated, which is why they have account verification.

When an account is verified, there is no question about whether it is a real account or not. You increase the trust of your followers because they know they are not following an imposter.

Maintaining account activity

This sound obvious, but when you don’t use your account frequently, it makes it harder for you to get verified. Instagram is going to look for consistent activity when they decide whether to verify an account or not. There is no point in wanting to start the verification process when you aren’t even utilizing the platform.

What good is verification going to serve you when you don’t even use the platform frequently? The following factors are going to increase your chances of getting the verified badge:

Increasing earned media exposure

Prove your value to Instagram if you want to get their stamp of approval.
If you go to Google and search yourself up and nothing comes up, it is time to fix that. If your brand is not known, there won’t be anything to verify.

You need to know that it is a human being and not an algorithm doing the verification and determining whether an account gets a blue tick or not. Real people are going to review every request, and this is why they most likely use Google to determine the credibility of an account.

Badges are highly sought after, and it is hard for most accounts to get them. You should put yourself in the best chance of getting it by putting in the effort before you make your request.

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a verified Instagram badge

Instagram is going to only accept applications that have been made using the app or Facebook’s media partners. Don’t try taking shortcuts because it is not going to end well for you.

It is expensive and useless to buy a verification badge. You are also breaking the community rules and your account can be penalized.

If you have any misleading or inaccurate information during the process, then the platform can decide to delete your account.

You should focus on increasing your number of followers and producing helpful and interesting material. There isn’t anything supporting the idea that a large following can help with Instagram verification, but trying is not going to hurt.

Deleting any platform-specific links from the bio

According to the Instagram guidelines, verified accounts shouldn’t ask users to add or follow them on other social media profiles, such as YouTube or TikTok, in their bio.

It is allowed to have links in your bio that lead to your site, landing page, or other web pages. You need to use the link on your bio to promote other user profiles, other campaigns, or your website.

You need to also have links to your social media profiles on your site, promotion emails, and other social media pages. While it seems hypocritical to promote your IG account on other social media platforms, linking to your IG account from other social media accounts shows that you are the owner of the profile.

Making your site more discoverable

One of the prerequisites for verification on Instagram is being well-known and frequently searched. This means you need to focus on being active when it comes to PR so you can naturally build your brand.

For product launches or impending business announcements, you should produce press releases. A human being is going to go through your verification application, and your chances of getting verified go up when your name has been recently in the news.

Another way of increasing your odds of getting verified is optimizing your account through the use of branded hashtags. This is going to increase your chances of appearing on the explore page on Instagram.

Become more searchable if you want to be verified by Instagram.

Making your posts more unique

It is important to have a genuine and distinctive account if you want Instagram to verify you.
It is a good idea to personalize your posts because it is going to differentiate your account from impersonators.
You can develop a distinct visual aesthetic, brand voice, content strategy, feed theme, or hashtag approach that is exclusive to your account. It becomes harder for others to imitate when you do this.

Another way of making the account distinctive is by giving the audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your brand. This is the type of content that only you can show.

Enlisting the help of an agency or publicist

You should consider a digital firm or seasoned PR firm that has access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support resources.
They can submit the request for you and validate your account, merge accounts, and claim usernames.

This is a good approach because it is legit and better when verifying your account when compared to others that use fishy methods like buying and bots to increase engagement. A digital agency is going to help with the process and they don’t even guarantee that you are going to be verified.

If you need help, we’re here to provide you with it.

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