10 Helpful Tips for Getting Verified on Instagram

If you want to get verified on Instagram, then continue reading to learn how to get the blue badge on Instagram. If you do not want to get verified or if you fail to get verified on Instagram, then you can still use the following tips to succeed on Instagram.

Complete Your Profile

Instagram will check your profile before verifying your Instagram profile.

It is, therefore, essential to complete your profile. Add a profile photo and a well-written bio. Your profile photo should represent your brand, self, or business. For instance, you can use your logo as your profile photo and copy and paste your brand’s tagline in the bio.

Completing your profile can help you build trust and credibility. If your target audience trusts you, they will follow you on Instagram. Building trust can get you more followers and increase your engagement.

Build Your Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles with thousands and even hundreds of thousands of followers appear genuine. It is important to build a strong following on multiple social media platforms.

For example, you can use Twitter to increase your exposure. If your name or the name of your business appears in the media or news, you will get more followers on social media. The exposure can help build your following on social media.

Here are the best tips for getting more followers on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram:

Use your unique voice to add personality to your brand: Do not use a shotgun approach to connect with your audience. It does not work. It is easy to use your unique voice to engage with your target audience and connect with people.

Post new content regularly: If you are active on Instagram, you are more likely to get more followers. However, if you are not posting new content regularly, you can lose some of your followers.

Create epic content: Posting great pictures and videos on Instagram can increase your followers. Do not just post content on Instagram. It is also best to create epic content for other social media platforms. It is, however, much better to create content for your target audience.

Check for Impersonator Profiles

It is easy for someone to impersonate you on Instagram. Someone can use your name and pictures to create a fake profile on Instagram. In fact, many people impersonate celebrities on Instagram.

Instagram verifies accounts representing well-known brands and figures. Why? People are more likely to impersonate them.

Your verified badge helps you build trust. The blue badge makes it easy for people to identify your Instagram profile. People will never have to worry about following an impersonator.

If someone sees your blue badge, they will know they are following the right Instagram account. You can let Instagram know that someone may impersonate you if you do not get verified.

Stay Active

If you are not active on Instagram, then your Instagram account might never get verified. The admins will check your account before verifying your account. They check to ensure you are active on Instagram. If you do not use Instagram, you do not even have to initiate the verification process.

There is no need of getting verified if you do not use Instagram. Here are the best tips to get the blue badge on Instagram:

Take great photos and videos: People visit Instagram to see beautiful photos and videos. If your photos and videos appeal to your target audience, you will get more followers. You, however, have to know what your target audience wants before you take your photos and videos.

Use Insights: Use Insights to know the type of content that resonates with your followers. Post your content when your followers are most active. Online tools, such as Sprout Social, can help you learn more about your followers. You need to create the best content for your followers.

Engage with your followers: Respond to the comments of your followers. Like posts on Instagram. And even explore relevant hashtags. Engaging with your target audience can help you get more followers.

Use social media tools, such as Sprout Social, to get insights into the engagement metrics, such as likes, hashtag usage, and trends. Use these tools to analyze other brands and accounts.

Improve Your Earned Media

You need to make it easy for Instagram to verify your Instagram account.

Google your name. What comes up? If nothing comes up, you need to fix it. It is best to build your brand before you begin the verification process.

Instagram does not use an algorithm to decide who should get verified. Real people will review your request. They are, therefore, more likely to search your name on search engines, such as Google. If they cannot find your name or brand, they may not verify your account.

It is much better to do the work before you make your request. It takes time to improve your earned media. It is, however, worth it. Why? It can help you get the blue badge.

Do Not Buy Your Instagram Verification Badge

You will apply for verification on Instagram through the Instagram app or Facebook’s media partners. It is not recommended to take shortcuts.

It is ineffective to purchase a verification badge for Instagram. You will just waste your time and lose your money. In fact, Instagram can penalize you for violating their community guidelines.

For example, if you provide misleading or false information during the verification process, Instagram may remove your account and ban you from the platform.

It is best to create useful and engaging content to help you get more real followers. Having more followers may not help you get verified on Instagram. It is, however, much better to get more followers before making your request.

In fact, if you have more Instagram followers, more people are more likely to know you. You may even get mentioned in authentic media sources and news.

Do Not Put Links to Other Social Media Profiles in Your Bio

Instagram does not verify accounts promoting other social media platforms in their bio. If you have links to your other social media profiles, you need to remove them before making your request.

You can, however, add links to your web pages, landing page, and website in your Instagram bio. You can, therefore, use Instagram to drive traffic to your websites and landing pages.

For example, brands, such as Nature’s Path Organic, use a custom link in their Instagram bio to drive traffic to several landing pages.

Do not add cross-platforms promoting other social media sites in your Instagram bio. If you do not have these links, you are more likely to get verified on Instagram.

Do not, however, forget to link to your Instagram account on your other social media profiles, in your email campaigns, and on your business website. If you have links pointing to your Instagram profile, you can get verified.

Improve Your Searchability

If you are a well-known figure, you are more likely to get verified on Instagram. It is crucial to improve your searchability.

For instance, you can publish press releases for your upcoming product launches and company announcements. The admins of Instagram will do their research. If they cannot find your name online, they may not verify your account. However, if they can find your name mentioned in the news, they can verify your account.

You can also use branded hashtags to optimize your posts. Instagram may verify your profile faster if you use branded hashtags.

The branded hashtags can help you appear on the Explore page of Instagram and in organic searches. You may get verified if you are more searchable.

Personalize Your Posts

It is essential to create and maintain a unique and authentic Instagram account. That is why you need to personalize your posts. You need to differentiate your Instagram profile from your impersonators.

For example, you can use a specific hashtag strategy, content theme, feed aesthetic, visual style, or brand voice. If impersonators cannot replicate your posts, then you will never have to worry about impersonators.

You can even upload behind-the-scenes content. People love behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Therefore, more people will follow you to get behind-the-scene content.

In addition, you can ask your followers to tag you in multiple posts. If your followers tag you, you will increase your reach and get more followers.

Hire an Agency or Publicist

If you do not want to spend time on the Instagram verification process, you can hire a digital agency or professional PR to help you get verified on Instagram.

Your agency or publicist will use the industry-only portal to submit your request for verifying your Instagram account, merging accounts, and claiming usernames on your behalf.

It is a good idea to hire an agency or publicist. Do not buy followers or use bot tools to get more followers and get verified on Instagram.

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