Has your new Twitter account been suspended permanently? It hurts and it really hurts when you have a new, freshly minted account and it gets suspended even when you have not violated any of their rules.

You must be thinking why Twitter is suspending your account even though it is a completely new one. The truth is that you are not considered a new user by the platform. Because you already have a Twitter account that is suspended, the new ones you open would also get suspended.

We have figured out a way for you to open a new Twitter account even after your account has been permanently suspended. With that said, you should not violate Twitter rules with these new accounts. Do everything to make sure that there is no violation of the rules with your new account, especially if your Twitter is verified.

Opening a New Account After Permanent Suspension — Step-By-Step

  1. Change the IP address

You must be wondering how Twitter knows it is you opening a new account. They track your IP address. This is why the first thing you need to do is to change the IP address.

If you are making a new account from your home and you are using a router, it is easy to change the IP address. You have multiple options including unplugging or rebooting the router. You may also factory reset it to get a new IP address.

In case you are using an Internet connection at your office, you will need to get in touch with technical support to change the IP address.

If you use a laptop, changing your IP address is easy. You just need to get to a new location and your IP address will change. If you log into Twitter regularly in a particular location, the best option is to change the IP address.

  1. Get a new email address

You should never use the email that you used for creating your suspended account. It is the easiest way for them to associate your new accounts with the already suspended account and ban them. This is why you need to create a new email and do not forget to keep the username and password handy.

  1. Get a new phone number

Your phone number is also linked to your Twitter account and if your account is suspended, it means you need to use a new phone number. If you use the same number, it will allow the Twitter bot to know that it is you who is opening a new account and they will close your new account too.

  1. Get rid of cookies

If you have removed all the cookies on the laptop but have forgotten about cookies on other devices you use to access Twitter, it also gives them a way to track you. This is why you need to make sure all the devices that you have been using to access Twitter have their cookies cleared.

  1. Use new information

If you use any of the information that is associated with the suspended Twitter account, it tells them that something is fishy and they may ban your account. This is why you need to use completely different information when you are opening a new account. Make sure all your personal information, username, and password are completely different.

  1. Follow the rules

Following the above mentioned tips should help you create a brand-new account without Twitter noticing any association with the suspended account.

Now that you know how to open a new Twitter account, you should not break the rules of the platform. These rules have been designed to ensure the smooth running of the platform.

This is why you should refrain from breaking their rules. Go through the Twitter rules to figure out why your old account was suspended permanently.