The steps you can take to restore your Twitter account is going to depend on the gravity of the suspension.

You should get your email address and phone number linked to the account ready. Below are the instructions you need to follow so that the suspension of your account is lifted.

Prompt seeking verification

When twitter notices any suspicious activities, you can get Twitter verification requests. It can be caused by multiple login attempts from a person trying to log into the account using an unrecognized device.

Your account can be temporarily banned because of these activities. You might be prompted to verify the account too.

When you log in to your account and then come across prompts asking you to provide your phone number or email address, follow the instructions so that the suspended account can be restored.

This process is simple. But you need to make sure you provide the phone number or email address that is linked to your account. This is what Twitter is interested in.

Unlocking a Twitter account

Twitter can lock an account if they think it has violated its rules. They can disable temporarily an account that has been reported for displaying abusive behavior or spamming other users

An account that is temporarily locked or banned shouldn’t scare you. There are many ways Twitter can decide to punish you. They can choose to block you from tweeting for a given period or request you to produce some information for verification.

  • Steps for unlocking a Twitter account:
  • Opening the app or visiting Twitter and logging in
  • Look for the message letting you know that the account has been locked
  • When you find this message, click “Start”
  • Make sure you have the phone number. Keep in mind that the number is going to be associated with the account.
  • Wait for a call or text message with a code that you will use to access the account. Keep in mind that the message or phone call can take a couple of minutes. It can also take a couple of seconds. You just have to be patient.
  • Enter the code you have received then click “Submit” so that the account can be unlocked.
  • One tip to remember is that the instructions from Twitter can end up in social, inbox, junk, or spam folder. Check out the folders if you are not seeing the message in the inbox.

Restoring a limited Twitter account;

When you violate Twitter’s rules, your account can be limited.
What can you do if your account is limited? There are several features you are not going to access when a limit is placed on your account. These include tweeting, retweeting, or liking tweets.
A limited account can still send direct messages to followers.

Restoring a limited account

Twitter says they can start the process of lifting the limitations on the account but you first have to complete some actions.

They can ask you to attach a phone number to your account or verify your email. They can also ask you to delete the tweet or action that led to your account being limited.

  • How can you get started? Visit Twitter then log in to the account. Look for the message that was sent to let you know that your account was limited.
  • Click “Start”, then follow the instructions so you can finish this process.
  • There are times when Twitter bots can limit an account by mistake. There are many cases of this happening. You can file an appeal if you think this is the case with your account. Your account is going to be restored if the appeal is approved.
  • You can appeal your ban by reaching out to the Twitter support team.

Restoring a Twitter account that has been permanently suspended

Has your account been permanently suspended? There is nothing worse than losing an account you have put a lot of effort into.
How can you restore an account that has been suspended permanently? You can appeal on Twitter’s page.

When an account is suspended, you can still log in but you cannot do anything. You are also going to be notified that the account has been suspended when you log in.

Twitter suspends accounts when they violate its rules. There have also been cases of accounts being suspended mistakenly.

If you feel like you have not violated any Twitter rules and you believe that your account has been permanently suspended by mistake, appeal it.

Twitter is going to review the appeal and see whether you have violated the rules or if they warrant temporary or permanent suspension. Your account is going to be restored within two weeks.

If Twitter review the account and they discover you violated the rules, then your account is going to be permanently suspended. You are also going to get a message that is going to let you know the rules you violated.

Twitter is against people circumventing permanent suspension. This is why they don’t allow such users from creating new accounts.

Twitter will trace and suspend new accounts that have been opened by users who have been permanently suspended. They also sat that any account linked to the users is going to face the same thing.

The best option you have when your account is suspended permanently is to send an appeal to Twitter support. You will get your account back if you did not violate any rule.

When appealing, make it as simple as possible. Go straight to the point and appeal in the English language.

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