Like any online platform, Instagram has certain rules that you need to follow if you want to continue using their platform. If you break these rules, your account can wind up getting banned or restricted.

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Ban Types on Instagram

Instagram bans usually fall into one of three categories, which include Shadow Bans, Action Blocks, and Bans.

Shadow Bans

If you post too often or use banned hashtags in your posts, your account may be subject to a shadow ban. Even though you can continue using your account like normal, it won’t show up under any of the hashtags that you include in your post. This makes it difficult to connect with new followers.

Action Blocks

If you follow or unfollow too many accounts too quickly or if you like too many posts within a short amount of time, your account may be subjected to an Action Block. In some cases, you will get a notice from Instagram letting you know that there are restrictions in place on your account. In other cases, you may only discover the block when you try to perform a certain action and it doesn’t work.


Bans are the most serious and usually only occur when you repeatedly violate Instagram’s rules. Oftentimes, accounts that are banned are deleted on Instagram. When this occurs, the username is also banned, meaning that you can’t just open the account again under the same name. If your violations were severe, your IP address may be banned altogether, meaning that you can’t use Instagram at all unless you get a new IP.

Actions That Cause Bans And Blocks on Instagram

1. Using automated programs to follow or unfollow accounts, leave comments, or like posts in an aggressive or obvious fashion.

According to Instagram’s terms of use, users are not permitted to use automated scripts, spiders, bots, scrapers, crawlers, or devices.

If you know what you are doing, using tools for automation can be an effective way to get more out of Instagram. If you don’t take the time to learn the right way to use these tools, however, Instagram can easily detect that you are automating your account, which could lead to blocks or bans.

2. Failing to use a proxy when using more than one account.

If you have more than one profile on Instagram, you need to set the bots up to run on separate IP addresses. Running all of your accounts under the same IP is risky. If one account winds up getting banned, all of the other accounts using that IP address will get banned as well.

Make sure to educate yourself about using automation on Instagram by reading the information in this guide.

3. Purchasing likes or followers from fake accounts.

Typically, fake profiles on Instagram are set up through the use of bots. Once they are live, they are then managed via the use of scripts. This violates Instagram’s rules, which means that the accounts can wind up getting deleted. Purchasing likes or followers from fake accounts can not only ruin your reputation but can also cause your account to get banned.

4. Purchasing accounts from other users.

When people sign up for Instagram, they agree that they will manage all of the content and activity that takes place through their account. More than that, however, they also agree that they won’t sell their account, assign it to someone else, license it, or otherwise transfer their rights.

5. Duplicating accounts using automated tools or bots.

Again, the Instagram Terms of Service specifically prohibit using bots, scripts, or other automated methods to create accounts on the platform.

6. Spamming other users through their comments or through direct messages.

The terms of service also forbid users from sending unwelcome comments, email messages, or communications that could be seen as spam to other users on the Instagram platform.

7. Posting content that is copyrighted, unsuitable for viewers, or sexual in nature.

Users are forbidden from posting photos that include nudity or violence. Other topics that are forbidden include posts that are hateful, discriminatory, or sexual in nature. Content that infringes on someone else’s intellectual property rights also cannot be posted.

8. Selling or promoting services or products that are illegal.

Instagram’s rules clearly forbid users from using their platform for actions that are unauthorized or illegal. When you sign up, you explicitly agree to follow all of the laws and regulations related to your posts. This includes laws surrounding copyright.

Removing A Ban Or Block From An Instagram Account

If your account has been Action Blocked, you shouldn’t worry too much since these blocks are usually lifted automatically within several days.

Permanent bans, on the other hand, are a lot more difficult to deal with. Although our accounts have never been banned, we have done a significant amount of research on this topic. Everything that we have read seems to indicate that the only way to remove a ban is to reach out to Instagram for assistance.