If your account gets hit with an Instagram shadowban, it essentially makes it so that people who aren’t following you can’t see your posts. The good news is that a shadowban can be temporary as long as you take the right steps to correct the problem. Even though it sounds a little bit mysterious like something you would encounter in a videogame, Instagram put the shadowban into action as a way of discouraging people from spamming other users or posting in other potentially harmful ways.

When you are under a shadowban, only the people who are currently following you can see your posts. Even if you include all the right hashtags, you won’t be able to connect with people who aren’t following your account since they won’t be able to see your posts under those hashtags. If you think that your profile has been shadowbanned, the tips below should help you correct the problem so that you can start reaching new followers again – try our Instagram recovery service if you can’t do this.

Signs That Your Account May Be Shadowbanned

If you notice a sharp decline in the number of likes that you get on your posts, it could be a sign that your account has been shadowbanned. For instance, if you typically get between 50 and 80 likes each day and suddenly find yourself only getting one or two likes, you probably are a victim of the instagram ban.

Some of the signs to watch for include the following:

– Fewer people engaging with your content

– Fewer impressions for each post

– A decline in your reach

– Fewer comments on your content

You can also try searching for your posts under recent hashtags that you have used. If your posts don’t show up, there is a high likelihood that your account has been shadowbanned.

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How To Get Rid Of An Instagram Shadowban

Getting a shadowban removed from your account involves making some changes to posts that you have already made. You also need to use different tactics when posting new content in the future. The very first steps that you should take include the following:

– Go through each of your most recent posts on Instagram and get rid of all of the hashtags that you have included.

– Reach out to Instagram to let them know that your posts aren’t visible under the hashtags that you used. Don’t mention anything about being shadowbanned.

– Take a couple of days off of posting.

When you do start posting new content, use the following techniques:

– Include the hashtags at the bottom of your post rather than in the comments. To create a clean look, hit Enter a few times between your post and the hashtags.

– Reduce the number of hashtags that you use. Try not to come anywhere close to the upper limit, which is 30 hashtags.

These tips should help you get the shadowban removed in no time at all.

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What Causes Accounts To Get Shadowbanned In The First Place?

One of the quickest ways to get your account shadowbanned is by doing anything that violates the Terms of Use published by Instagram. Even though Instagram hasn’t given any detailed information one way or the other regarding shadowbans, the practice was most likely started as a way of dealing with spammers. On an hourly basis, you should limit yourself to following or un-following no more than 60 accounts, leaving fewer than 60 comments, and liking fewer than 150 posts.

Another important thing to avoid doing is using software programs or apps published by third-party vendors that go against the Terms of Service of Instagram. This is a surefire way to get your account flagged by Instagram. Using the same hashtags on every post can also be problematic. Consider changing them up a bit every month or so to keep things fresh.

Never buy followers – it is one of the worst things that you can do for your account and can cause a ban or even hacking.

If you are relying on bots as a way of following or un-following accounts or engaging with other users, you could be violating Instagram’s Terms of Service.

Tips For Avoiding Shadowbans On Instagram

Post high-quality content that is not overly promotional. Ultimately, Instagram wants users to add valuable content to the platform that enhances the community rather than detracting from it. You should also avoid posting content that could offend other users.

Keeping from getting shadowbanned is easier than you might think. All that you have to do is follow the Terms of Use of Instagram closely. As long as you continually post excellent content and don’t do anything that is forbidden, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about falling victim to the shadowban.

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