Every Instagram user’s worst nightmare is that their account has been disabled or deleted. The search for an official Instagram customer service number in such a situation is often fruitless. Despite what you may have heard, there’s no universal method to restore your access if it has already been disabled.

However, here at SMhttps://thesocialmediaverificationteam.com/VT we’ve got the answer – you don’t need to call Instagram customer service – with our help, you can get your lost access restored in no time! Don’t suffer in silence after getting that dreaded disabled notification – reach out to us today and get back on social media!

Searching for Instagram’s customer service number might feel like the solution to your Instagram account dilemma, but it’s not going to answer your prayers. Sadly, there is no real number you can call about the deleted Instagram account. If you need help, we’re here.

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Don’t waste time looking through the generic phone numbers to contact Instagram customer service regards your deactivated Instagram account. You will find online: none of them are legit and can’t be used for a disabled Instagram account or a hacked Instagram account. It may be frustrating, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope when it comes to restoring your account. So don’t despair quite yet if you’ve received the dreaded disabled message regarding your Instagram account; help is out there if your account disabled, if you just know where to look.

3 Things you Can Do to Get your Instagram Account Back

1. File an appeal About the Disabled Instagram Account using the Instagram app

Instagram recommends starting the process of appealing the disabling of your account by opening the app and entering the same username and Instagram password. Once in the Instagram app, click on the “Learn More” button as this will take you through a series of menus regards your Instagram account.

If you’re running a business account, be sure to attach a business document to your appeal for verification purposes for your Instagram account. Don’t give up if this approach doesn’t work right away and your social media account isn’t restored – there are still other methods of restoring access to your Instagram account.

2. Report the problem if your Instagram Account Disabled

Whether you’re trying to reclaim your stolen posts or simply letting Instagram know that your account was compromised and taken over, the “Report Something” menu in their Privacy and Safety Center is a great first step.

This way, you are much more likely to get a response from Instagram – though, of course, there is still no guarantee. For those whose accounts have been disabled due to content they posted themselves, this is also an option available to them. Follow the on screen instructions, using the same email address and phone number you set the account up with.

Reporting your account can be the best way of ensuring a timely move on fixing any issue with it so you can get back online and posting on your profile again.

3. Reach out via Facebook accounts or Twitter

If your attempts to regain access to your disabled Instagram account have been unsuccessful, you may find yourself resorting to reaching out through the other social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter or even a personal account to recover your Instagram account. Remember not to post on their account timelines, as this will NOT result in a response. And if you try this you may cut your losses and set up a new account as it won’t help recover your Instagram account.

Reach out via direct messaging with full detail of your problem, along with any screenshots or evidence that could help them understand the situation, and keep in mind that while no guarantee of a response is made, persistence is known to pay off.

Above all else, be polite when attempting contact — rudeness will not get you anywhere with customer support and can even decrease the likelihood of your case being successfully handled.

What’s the Reason Behind Disabled Instagram Accounts?

Breaking Instagram’s terms of use or Community Guidelines could lead to your account being banned. It is important to play by the rules in order to avoid being removed from the platform.

Posting explicit content or content that you don’t own the rights to can earn you an immediate ban, or a shadowban as Instagram takes those infractions very seriously. Spamming people with repetitive content is also a huge offense – be aware of the frequency and how it may be perceived.

Remember that Instagram is all about building a community, so it’s important to take care of your Instagram account by posting responsibly and creating meaningful connections. Being mindful of what you share without overly pushing customers away could make all the difference in having a successful and long-lasting presence on Instagram.

So, if your Instagram account has been disabled, don’t be discouraged – you still have a chance of getting the Instagram account reinstated. Follow the steps outlined above and you may be able to get your account back.

If none of these things work then contact us for help.