The blue checkmark on Facebook means that the profile is a verified media company, public figure, or brand. When a profile gets this blue check mark, it adds a layer of trustworthiness and authenticity to the Facebook page. This is a good thing if you’re looking to grow your following on the social media platform.

There are some benefits a verified page can access that is only available to such pages, like stories, posts, and other content from the verified page being prioritized when someone does a search on the platform. You need to work hard to get verified if you are interested in scheduling a Facebook post that is going to reach a lot of people.

People are more likely to follow a page when it is verified

When people use a page that has a blue check mark, they are more likely to follow the page because they trust it. If Facebook has deemed you good enough to get Facebook verified, then you must be pretty important.

Being verified is a stamp of approval from the platform, which lets users know that your page is the real deal. This is going to help your brand a lot because it will help build trust with the audience. This is important because it will help you turn loyal fans into customers. You are going to benefit a lot from verification.

Increasing searchability and online presence

Another reason why you need to get your page verified is that it boosts your online presence, social media searchability, and SEO. When users search you up on search engines like Google, a verification page is going to make you stand out from the rest.

It is also going to help you show up higher on the search results on Facebook itself. If someone searches a keyword that is related to your business, there is a good chance they are going to see verified pages at the top.

Boosting your reach and credibility

When you are verified, you appear more credible and trustworthy to your audience. It is going to help you reach more people through your content.

When you have a verified page, Facebook is going to show content you share in the News Feeds of users who have followed or liked your page. If you want to increase reach and get more people to see your content, then focus on verification.

Since you know some of the benefits you can get from a verified page, the next step is how to do it and boost your social media content strategy in the process.

Verification Guidelines

There are guidelines that you have to follow before the page is verified. Below are the four significant verification guidelines;

Being authentic – The Facebook page needs to represent a registered entity or business, or a real person.

Being Complete – The page or account should have an active presence. Make sure you complete the “About” section, cover photo, profile photo, and at least a post.

Being Notable – The business page should represent a well-known entity, well-searched, person, or brand. Facebook usually reviews accounts that have been featured in many news sources. They don’t consider paid or promotional content as review sources.

Being Unique – If you want to verify a business page on Facebook, you need to make sure it is a unique presentation of the business it represents. Keep in mind that you can only verify only one account per person or company unless there is more than one language-specific account of the same business. It is hard for general interest accounts to gain a verification status.