How To Achieve Facebook Profile Verifications

Receiving one of those special blue check marks to the right of your name on social media profiles may not seem like much to some people, but it can actually give quite the ego boost! It also has some practical uses such as letting potential followers know you truly are yourself, and a notable figure within your particular community. It might even make some people a bit jealous! You’ll also be granted access to a number of features that you may have never heard of before. If you’re ever to experience the perks first hand, here’s exactly how to get verified on social media:

When it comes to Facebook, there are three types of verification. These include the personal profile verification, business page verification, and entertainment page verification. Continue on to find out what you need to do for each type, step by step!

1 – Verification For Facebook Entertainment Pages

It’s actual quite simple to receive verification for this, but several factors will certainly help bring it home. First of all, make sure all of the information on the page is properly filled out, starting with the “About” section and working outwards from there. You also need a photo for the page itself, as well as a cover photo. These should ideally look as official and professionally done as possible. You also need to have a regular degree of activity and audience engagement on the account. You might also benefit from spending the money to advertise the page to grow its audience beforehand. If it looks as if you’ve truly invested time and money into the profile, Facebook will take your verification request far more seriously.

You need to realize that not all pages will be eligible for approval however. Facebook’s terms of service state that pages belonging to notable figures, entertainment entities, sports team, or government officials can only become verified upon proof of ownership. You must also have the page set under one of those preset categories. If your page is meant to target another niche, you may be best served by the “public figure” option.

Once you’ve taken all of the steps above, be sure to do the following:

• Visit the “request a verified badge” page on the site.
• Select which page you’re requesting verification for.
• Have official documents and ID already scanned or photographed in high resolution.
• Provide an official website link.
• Finally, hit “send” and await your response!

It may take a few weeks before you know how it goes. Provided all is well, you’ll receive your verification badge in short order!

2 – Verification For Personal Facebook Profiles

The process for verifying personal profiles is quite similar to the one detailed above. You have to make sure you’re using your legal name however. Good photos and a strong history of account activity will go a long way here as well. (It also helps if you’re someone notable.) Even though personal pages don’t have category types, the same general eligibility rules apply. Just be sure that you use the right form when submitting your request!

3 – Verification For Facebook Business Profiles

Getting a business page verified on Facebook should be relatively fool-proof. All you have to do is follow the steps properly! You should still start off in a similar fashion to the steps above however. Profile and cover photos are a must! The admin of the page must also be the person requesting the verification badge. Once that’s all under way, simply follow these steps:

• Click the “settings” option on the top of the site.
• Navigate to “general” and then click “page verification”.
• Click on “verify the page” and then “get started”.
• Have all of your pertinent business information ready for entry.
• You can select “call now” and Facebook will send a verification code.
• Enter your 4-digit code and then select “continue”.

And that’s it! Alternatively, you can also assure a verification for your business by uploading some form of official documentation. You should see a “verify the page with documents instead” option once you’ve started the process detailed above, and it all works itself out quite easily from there.

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