9 Tips For Improving Chances of Twitter Social Media Verification

Want to get verified on Twitter but wish to do it yourself, well here are 9 things that will improve your chances of Social Media Verification.

1. Be Sure To Have The Right Type Of Twitter Account for Social Media Verification

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have the kind of account that has the ability to receive verification. Many tertiary kinds of accounts, event accounts, some business accounts and most personal accounts do not qualify for verification. The same is true of parodies and bot accounts. There is no reason to attempt verification if you aren’t one of the kinds of accounts that is able to be verified. You will just be doing lots of work for no reason.

2. Network With Industry Leaders Who Already Have Verification

Twitter Social Media VerificationVerification has a tendency to follow the herd. If you would like to earn it, one of the better ways of doing that is to make connections with individuals who already have it.

Get Verified Users To Follow You

Getting in the good graces of individuals with authority – and becoming one yourself – will get you verified faster. It can also help with many other important things as well.

3. Pay For Twitter Advertising

This will do at least two things for you. When you spend money on advertising, you must consider value. You will be forced to pay attention to your metrics and what is working and what isn’t, along with the processes needed to improve them. Also, the more money that you spend, the more Twitter will pay attention to you. You can’t simply buy verification unless you spend tons of money. However, it can definitely help you.

4. Gain More Followers (Or Purchase Them)

According to Twitter, have a large following doesn’t affect your chances of being verified. However, there is a caveat to this; anyone who does get verified will have a large following. It’s basically a chicken and egg type of thing; you need followers to become noteworthy, and you obtain followers through being noteworthy. Increasing your audience will be very beneficial no matter what, so there isn’t nay reason to not work on it.

5. Tweet More Frequently to Increase chances of Twitter Social Media Verification

One of the metrics that gets scanned into a verification request is activity. Twitter will not provide verification to anyone who does not use their website very often, unless it is a famous individual, such as being a Hollywood actor or politician.

Tweeting Frequently

When you stay active it demonstrates to Twitter admins that you are very dedicated to their platform and that you would like to use it as much as possible.

6. Tweet About Trends On A Frequent Basis

If you are going to tweet often, what will you tweet about? Monitoring trends is one thing you can do. Trending topics always have people talking about them, meaning you can tap into this to help you create your own tweets, start conversations and give your opinions on other people’s thoughts. If you are able to provide a unique perspective, you will be viewed as a leader on those topics.

7. Curate and Aggregate More Content

One great way to add more activity than you can naturally support on your own is to curate great content. When you are tweeting your own opinions, posting blog content and following trends, there is only so much you can do yourself. Add to all of this by sharing the content of other influential people, along with some comments of your own to add value for your audience. This is allow you to become an industry leader instead of just another brand.

8. Post Original Content to Increase the Chances of Twitter Social Media Verification

Of course you should also post lots of your own content.

You should use of combination of links to your posts appearing on other websites, links of posts on your websites, and tweets without links, that are designed instead for conversation and insight. Post as frequently and regularly as you can. Just make sure not to spam your following or flood them with too much content.

9. Post More Replies, Interactions and Reactions

One of the more important ways to use Twitter is actually one of the less visible aspects of the website. I am referring to replies. Whenever you reply to tweets, other people are not going to see them unless you expand out the parent tweet. When it comes to Twitter there is actually a lot of interaction that occurs beneath the surface. When you participate in the heart of the websites,and not just on its superficial elements, you will really get to make full use of the site, and that is one of the important thing that Twitter looks for when it comes to verification.

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