Writing for Wikipedia can be compared to writing a term paper for college.  You cannot get by on Wikipedia by writing some simple, breezy content used for marketing when developing this type of project.  However, the effort was totally worth it and it’s a reason why you should hire a Wikipedia writer!

My client’s industry-changing technology, which was invented by the founder, is now a part of the official Wikipedia site.  The client’s page tells the reader a story of the technology available, as well as presenting photos of the client’s product.  Most importantly, the page is able to generate targeted traffic to my client’s official website.

1.  The Different Reasons Why You Should Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is considered a ‘living’ online encyclopedia where any person can add pages, articles, and share their knowledge.  It includes all types of topics ranging from carbon black, pinball, content marketing, and even the band Green Day.  So, should you create your own Wikipedia page?  Below are some indicators as to why this type of online content can meet your particular needs:

Industry-Changing Technology
If your company has developed or invented a type of industry-changing technology, then using a Wikipedia page can be highly beneficial.  The technology can be anything from industries such as musical to chemical or mechanical items.
The Company Or Founder Is Notable
When approving a Wikipedia page, the editors will perform a ‘notability’ test to determine if the topic warrants a Wikipedia page.  If the company has developed or invented a product, or if the founder is a notable person, then company or founder will be a candidate for a Wikipedia page.  For example, the person could be a famous writer or the first person to row a boat across the sea.
No Information About The Topic In Wikipedia
Another reason why you should create a Wikipedia page is that you cannot find any information about the topic or technology in Wikipedia.  This is the reason why I decided to create a page for my client’s technology.  Of course, to learn what topics Wikipedia considers worthy of inclusion and notable, it is important to first read the article on Wikipedia notability.

2.  The Steps To Creating A Suitable Wikipedia Page

The steps described below offer a brief overview to how a Wikipedia page can be created.  More information can be found on the Wikipedia Help page, as well as in various articles and tutorials mentioned below:

• Conduct Research Beforehand – Before creating any type of content on Wikipedia, it is important to learn about the Wikipedia community and how it operates.  Knowing the ins and outs of how to be a good Wikipedia user will ensure that the page will not be deleted or challenged after submitted for review.  Before creating my client’s page, I read several articles on how to create the ideal page including ‘How To Game Wikipedia’ by BNet, and ‘How To Get Your Company Listed On Wikipedia’ by MarketingSherpa.  ‘The Grande Guide To Wikipedia’ by Eloqua was also very useful.
• Create A Wikipedia Account – To create or make changes to current Wikipedia pages requires you to be a registered Wikipedia user.  Creating a Wikipedia account is relatively simple, but I advise that you utilize your real name and current email address.
• Begin Small – Before going ahead to create a Wikipedia page, it is recommended that you begin by making small edits to existing Wikipedia pages testing your skills on the platform.  I began with pages with which I was familiar.  For example, my son’s fencing coach is an Olympic medalist and has a Wikipedia page.  I submitted some biographical information to the page and added a backlink to his fan club’s website; thereby, updating the page.

Making these little changes, I was able to become familiar with Wikipedia’s content management system, as well as build a user profile.  When you create a user account, each change you make on Wikipedia is recorded on your profile page, and this can be accessed by any other users or editors.  When you have the right amount of editing and content creation activity experience, you will become a ‘confirmed user’.  This status allows you the right to conduct specific restricted functions, including uploading images and relocating pages to public spaces.

Gathering Your Sources

When you feel satisfied that you know your way around the Wikipedia platform, it is recommended that you gather sources for the article or page you want to develop.  This is a big time-saving skill when you are planning to create a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia writers for hire can help you with this

Source gathering is extremely important for Wikipedia because it is an online encyclopedia, and not another marketing platform for products.  This means that all content on the page needs to be verified.  This cannot be stressed enough!

Even if you are a famous person who sailed across the ocean in a plastic tub, or are a notable inventor, you can’t simply sit down to form a Wikipedia page based on the experience.  Unfortunately, you will require third-party resources, such as printed text (magazines and books) and online material (articles, websites, and videos) to support the information provided.

The content needs to be unbiased and factual.  When creating my client’s technology page, I needed to include data regarding their technology and competitors, as well as offering links to the websites.  You will need the facts to be accurate so you do not find yourself accused of misrepresentation.

It may also help to include images on the page.  Of course, you are only allowed to utilize images that are your own or not subject to copyright.  I learned this fact the hard way as I needed to delay the launch of my client’s Wikipedia page when I walked them through the procedure of uploading copyright images.

Writing The Content – Wikipedia Editors for Hire

After all of the above steps, you are prepared to begin writing the content and post the Wikipedia information.  I began by writing my client’s content in a Word document first, and then cutting and pasting it into the Wikipedia interface, followed by online formatting.  You can opt to use Sandbox and add your page to this platform where you can format it, or you can add the page to your My Talk platform.  I opted for the My Talk page as the content is cleared from Sandbox on a regular basis.  Keeping in it the My Talk platform ensured it would not be deleted.
Formatting the page utilizing the ‘Wiki code’ took time and was a tedious procedure, even if you have knowledge of HTML.  Taking this into account, it is important that you are prepared to take time for this or have someone help you.  You can learn about Wiki Code by reviewing the Wikipedia Help page.

Submitting The Page For Review

When the page is complete and error-free, it needs to be submitted to Wikipedia for review.  The review procedure can take as long as several weeks or a few days before you receive a response.
After waiting approximately twelve days, and after seeing that other pages similar to mine had received approval, had challenges or were deleted, I assumed my submission was fine.  I went ahead and relocated the page to a public space.  Shortly afterward, it went live; however, there were some changes by the editor with the change of the title page, with some other items – thankfully, nothing substantial was changed.  Now, I monitor the page regularly and update it as required.

Having gone through this procedure, I am a confirmed admirer of Wikipedia.  True, I wanted to tear my hair out during the process, but it was worth my time and the frustration.

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