How To Donate Twitch Bits

Are you new to Twitch? You might have come across a few mentions of donations and bits when watching the streams. Bits are part of the virtual currency used on Twitch to show appreciation for the work done by a streamer. You can Cheer Bits on the platform to the people you like to watch, especially those who provide meaningful entertainment. Donations are similar to bits but they have different mechanics behind them.

Bits are the internal currency used in Twitch. You can buy them using real money and tip any streamer with a particular amount to show appreciation for what they are doing. Tipping on the platform is referred to as Cheering when you are using Bits. Therefore, by Cheering, you will be donating Bits. Donations are also referred to as Tips but they work differently compared to the Bits.
If you want to donate Bits, you need to buy them first then start donating as you see fit. Here is how you can do that effortlessly.

a) Log on to Twitch and choose a specific channel
b) Look at the top right of the stream and choose “Get Bits” option
c) Choose the amount you want and pay
d) Wait for a few seconds for the platform to update your inventory

Once the Bits reflect in your account, you can start Cheering as you wish on the platform. When donating, you can type “loving your work” or any words similar to that. The countdown timer in place allows for typos so you can change your wording within the 5 seconds available. Once you have Cheered, you can’t reverse the transaction.  The process works similarly on the desktop and mobile versions of Twitch. Note that, buying Bits might be a little different on the mobile version but you can use them the same way.

What You Need To Know About Twitch Bits

When buying the Bits, you will spend 1c per bit. After Cheering a particular streamer, you can’t reverse the transaction and the streamer receives the Bits donated. However, the streamer can only withdraw once the Bits reach $100. Any beginner streamers or those looking for a huge following have to wait a while before getting their first payments. The most popular streamers don’t have to wait for a long time. Twitch takes a 25 to 30% cut for the operating expenses.

After donating Bits, you will be rewarded with emotes. They are payable if you Cheer with 1, 100, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 Bits. They often come in different sizes and shapes. If you Cheer a lot of times, you will receive many emotes. Additionally, you can earn Cheer Chat Badges an indication to other users on that channel that you are a supporter. When Cheering using Bits, you will gain more emotes than when subscribing or donating.

People often Cheer when the streamer gets a skill, says something humorous or clever as well as when they win the match. You will be spending depending on your reaction, so you can Cheer when you feel the streamer has actually done something cool.

What You Need To Know About Donations

On the other hand, donations are quite different from Bits. Donations are real tips using money going to the streamer. You can donate using PayPal so Twitch will not get a share of the donations and the streamer receives every cent. It’s going to appear as a message on the stream but will not qualify for the badges or emotes.

Donating is the preferred method of compensation by many Twitch streamers since they receive the entire amount. Basically, the platform doesn’t receive anything from this transaction. Donations are also more unpredictable forcing streamers to put on their war faces. When tipping using PayPal, there should be a chargeback where the sender can reverse the money for any reason. It’s one of the downsides of this option.

Donations are not as fast as Cheers so they are less reactive and emotive. They are given to streamers who are classy, consistently useful, amusing and informative on the platform.

How To Subscribe On Twitch

You can also subscribe using Twitch Prime to any channel for a month each time. The streamer will receive half of the subscription fee. If you pay a monthly fee of $6.99 or $20.79 for 3 months or $41.95 for 6 months, you can follow one particular channel each month. You will also receive some badges, emotes and exclusive access to events and chatrooms.
You can also enjoy some of the ad-free experiences available depending on the stream you choose. Do your research to find the best stream with numerous benefits before subscribing so you can get as much as possible out of it. When a streamer entertains you, donate Bits on the Platform. The streamers will work hard to provide good content and your money will not be a waste.

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