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1. Prepare To Share Your Songs for Submission to Music Blogs

Make The Best Music You Possibly Can

music blog submissionTrying to promote mediocre music is a losing battle. Take an honest look at your songs. Are they as good as songs by other artists that you admire in your genre?

If not, you should spend some time polishing them to make them even better.

Once you are happy with the quality of your music, you can then start promoting it to blogs. You will have a lot better luck getting people to share your songs if the quality is where it needs to be. If you need music blog submission our service can be of use.

Use Similar Musicians To Find Relevant Blogs for Submission

One of the biggest challenges that people face when they start thinking about contacting bloggers is finding music blogs that focus on their genre.

Later in this article, we will drill down a little bit deeper on how to go about finding and contacting bloggers about your music. In the meantime, however, we would like to share the most effective technique that we have found for locating influential bloggers in your genre.

In essence, all that you have to do is look for blogs that are talking about bands or musicians that have music that is similar in style to your own.

For instance, imagine that you make James-Blake-inspired music in the electronica genre. You have never tried to promote your music through blogs before and don’t have an inkling of how to begin finding writers who might be interested in your music.

The first step is to find anywhere from three to five successful artists who create music that is similar to your own. Make a list of some of their most popular songs. We also offer a music blog submission service if this is something you don’t have time to do.

You can then search to see which influencers are sharing those songs. Don’t feel like you are limited just to blogs, either. You can also check sites like YouTube or SoundCloud to see which people are currently promoting songs that are similar to your own.

If you are having trouble finding artists who create similar music, try using YouTube or Spotify to get more ideas. All that you have to do is search for the name of an artist who creates music like your own. Then, check the right side of the page for similar artists on YouTube or check the related artists on Spotify.

2. Start Researching for Music Blog Submission

When searching for blogs to share your music, make sure to keep relevancy in mind. The last thing that you want to do is send a track to a music blog in a completely different genre than your own. Nothing lets a blogger know that you didn’t actually read their blog faster than trying to get them to share music that doesn’t fall into the category that they focus on. The situation is even worse if you send a canned message that is totally generic in tone and that doesn’t include specific details about the blog.

A little bit of research can go a long way toward getting you off on the right foot with a blogger. It doesn’t take long to skim through their blog, looking for content that you like. Then, when you pitch your song to them, you can mention one of their recent posts or you can talk about why your music is a great fit for their audience. Personalizing your message is a much more effective option than just sending generic messages and hoping for a response.

Our professional music blog submission service is for all genres and we can help you get your songs out there in front of producers.

Finding The Best Blogs For Your Songs

Start by identifying blogs that regularly share music that is similar to your own. Although this may sound obvious, yhip hop blog submissionhou would be surprised by the number of people who try to get blogs in completely different genres to share their music.

Don’t make the mistake of sending out generic emails to every music-related blog that you find in the hopes that someone will eventually share your content. Instead of getting featured, you most likely will just irritate the people you contact, lessening the chances of them falling in love with your music.

We have a great service for EDM and hip hop blog submission that a lot of people are interested in.

Check The Submission Rules

Most blogs have specific rules in place regarding submissions. If you fail to adhere to these rules, the blogger will most likely delete your message rather than listening to your song. You can usually find guidelines on the submission page of the blog or in the FAQ section. Make sure to follow the rules to improve the chances of your music getting heard.

Figure out Who To Contact

Sometimes, blogs will have a specific form that you should use for submissions. Other times, the contact information can be a little bit more challenging to find.

It is important to choose the right person to send your music to. Some large blogs and websites are managed by multiple people. You need to find the contact info for the person who is in charge of submissions. That way, you can not only be sure that your song is getting sent to the right person but you can also address them by name in your message. This not only indicates to them that you are familiar with their blog but that you also are serious about getting your music heard. We can help you do so if you don’t have time via our music blog submission service.

Proofread Your Message

Before you send your message, carefully proofread it, looking for any spelling errors, grammar problems, or other issues that could reflect poorly on you. Keep in mind, most people who blog for a living are serious writers. If your message is filled with spelling errors, it can give them the impression that you aren’t professional or that you aren’t serious about sharing your music. You may even want to have someone else proofread your message for you since it can sometimes be difficult to spot errors in your own writing.

Don’t Make The Blogger Work To Find Your Music

Bloggers are busy people. They don’t have time to spend searching for your music or waiting for massive downloads to complete. Keep things simple by including links to your songs on popular sites like YouTube or Spotify. Before sending your message, test the links to make sure that they work.

indie blog music submissionInclude a brief overview of your music as well as a blurb of information about yourself. Don’t make this section too long. If you are interested in indie blog  music submission, make sure to go for a suitable blog. At the same time, however, make sure that there are enough interesting details to make them want to learn more about you.

3. Pitching Your Music for Submission to Music Blogs

Pitching music through email is an art form in and of itself. A well-written message needs to be professional while still being interesting to read so that it captures the attention of the blogger.

When crafting your message, address the blogger by their first name. Start with a warm greeting. Mention an article or feature on their blog that you enjoyed so that they know that you read their content.

Next, provide information about your upcoming release including the date when it will be available and the label that is releasing it.

Follow-up by letting the blogger know exactly what you want them to do. Avoid general statements like, “I’d love to know what you think about it.” Instead, say something like, “If you like the track, it would be fantastic if you could feature it.”

Include a link to the song so that they can listen to it. If it has not been released yet, make sure to upload it to a private area where they can access it. It is important to let them know exactly what track you are talking about. That way, they won’t accidentally feature the wrong song on their blog.

Avoid attaching files to your message. The last thing that you want to do is attach a press release or an MP3 since people are extremely hesitant to open messages that have attachments.

Finish your message by thanking them for their time. Once it is done, carefully proofread it and make sure that it sounds friendly, personable, and professional.

Don’t be too wordy with your message. Remember – bloggers are extremely busy and they get contacted by a lot of people. If you go overboard with too much information, they most likely will delete your email rather than reading it. A good option is to keep your message short, including links to relevant information that they may want to access such as press releases.

The Anatomy Of A Pitch to a Music Blog

A typical pitch is made up of several different parts. First, there is the initial outreach. After you make the first contact, you then need to follow up to remind them about your upcoming release. On the date of the release, you should contact them again with a final reminder.

We typically start the process two weeks before the release date. When linking to the new release, we rely on SoundCloud private links so that the bloggers can stream the song. Starting so far in advance leaves plenty of time to communicate additional details.

After your initial pitch, it is essential that you follow up. You also need to be persistent if you want people to feature your music. Based on our experience, the vast majority of bloggers will usually only reply the first or second time that you follow up with them. The only exceptions are if you happen to get lucky or if you already have an established relationship with the blogger.

For the most part, we follow-up approximately a week after our initial contact if we haven’t heard back from the blogger. To review, our first contact goes out approximately two weeks prior to the release date. We then follow-up for the first time approximately a week before the release. This leaves enough time for you to send one additional follow-up message on the date of the release if they haven’t responded to your initial message or the first follow-up.

Assuming they do respond to you after your first or second message, you should still send them a reminder on the day of the release. Because they are busy, they may forget about it if you don’t remind them.

It Takes A Lot Of Tries To Get Results

Anyone who has read the SoundCloud Bible or who has attended the Music Marketing Academy already knows that it takes a lot of attempts before you get a blog that is willing to work with you. You can’t expect results if you only contact five or ten blogs.

Blogs are one of the cornerstones of the modern music industry. As a result, there is a lot of competition by artists to get their music featured. Unless your music is absolutely mind-boggling or your pitch is impossible to resist, you will need to contact as many blogs as you possibly can to get the ball rolling.

For instance, when we were starting out, it wasn’t uncommon for us to contact a hundred blogs every time we released a single. Along with that, we also promoted the tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Start putting together a database of blogs. That way, it will be faster and easier for you to reach out to your contacts when you have a new track coming out. Your database doesn’t have to be built overnight. Try to set small goals like adding 50 blogs to your contact list every time you release a new track.

A lot of times, people are afraid to send follow-up emails because they don’t want to annoy the bloggers. Keep in mind, however, that anyone who is annoyed by your messages most likely wouldn’t have featured your music anyway. Bloggers get so many messages each day that it is easy for your first message to get lost in the crowd. Following up can improve the chances of the blogger noticing you and giving your music a listen. Just avoid spamming them with too many messages.

4. Only Make the Promises You Can Keep

One of the most common mistakes by artists when they send in the music is that they think, in fact, they promise that we are going to like it. It’s good to have confidence in your music as an artist when your music is good. You should say why it’s important to you and how you think other people are going to react to it. However, you can’t promise that we are going to like it.

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to music. So, do not sound like a vacuum cleaner seller on a late-night infomercial. Try to be honest and don’t promise that we are going to like your music but you can always tell us why you think that your music will be liked.

5. Begin with the Highlights

Begin with a few highlights of your music when you are emailing someone who doesn’t know anything about your music. So, include a SoundCloud link to one of the best songs in the email or some of your other music. The idea is to make it easy for the blogger who will have to scroll through hundreds of submissions to get a good introduction to your music.

If you still think that all of your songs are good and one should listen to your entire project, you are still living in the past. These days, people do not have the attention span to listen to the whole album. Your entire mix tape isn’t going to be blindly downloaded by someone. Even if they do and they randomly choose a song, and that song turns out to be the only shitty song on the album, you have lost the chance.

So, pick a single song in order to give yourself a chance. If you don’t feel like it, ask a friend for help and let him or her choose the song for you. If your single is awesome, you can rest assured that everyone would want to listen to more of your music.

6. Share Information

Do not forget to include some high-resolution artwork that may include a good press photo when you share your music. Also, include proper download or streaming links as well as other information about the release. It isn’t easy for us to write anything about your music without adequate information. More information makes it easy for us to write a better post. So, you should tell us something about your music like whether there is an album coming out or whether you are a one-person act or a band or whether you play instruments or produce something and other such things.

It’s cool to be mysterious and many artists are going down this path. However, you should take stock of the things and figure out the ideal post about your song. Now, send all the information available to make that post possible instead of sending only a video link with the subject line mentioning new song. You should know that there are record labels or PR companies pushing acts that successfully begin as mysteries. If you are a no name independent artist and try to pull of the same thing, it’s highly likely that you are going to get ignored. We offer a music video blog submission service if you want some help.

7. Keep Things Interesting by Sharing Your Story

Most things are impersonal these days but one of the ways to make things interesting is to share with the writers the real story behind the song and what makes a song so important for you. Writers appreciate emails that are to the point but most are going to pass mails that seem generic and do not contain any thought. Don’t forget that we have to read hundreds of emails every single day and you need to think what you can do to make your email stand out.

You can get us interested by making us laugh or with careful use of mystery or by getting writers interested in you. In simple terms, you need to give something for us to share with the world. Your passion will come true even in an email.

8. Comparisons Can Be Useful

awesome music blog submission serviceIt’s natural for every musician to want to be unique. However, musicians also listen to music of hundreds of others artists and their music also influenced by certain styles and sounds. For instance, a falsetto filled independent song with electronic twist isn’t the sole property of Bob Iver or a moody and dark R&B track isn’t going to be made only by The Weeknd. So, if the sound of your music is similar to another artist that’s covered heavily on a site, you can enhance your chances of getting posted on the site by making a well-made comparison.

Nobody is saying that you should introduce yourself as the next 2Pac but it’s better if you can come up with a few artists whose work is similar to yours. For instance, fans of Future, Wayne or Thug would like to listen to music if the description mentions that your music is similar to theirs and their fans will like it.

9. Honesty Goes a Long Way in This Business

It’s obvious that you should be honest but sometimes, people try too hard to somehow make us listen to their music. If you lie blatantly and say that you have just been signed by a big label and there is a track coming out next week, you can rest assured that we will know about it eventually and all the future emails from you will be marked for immediate deletion. Don’t be cheeky and try to get us to listen to your music by dishonest means.

We do get excited by a subject line that tells us about a new Drake track or something similar. However, when we open the mail and find out that it’s not a new track but some other young hopeful has once again remixed another Drake song using a low quality instrumental picked up online, you won’t have much chance.

We have to sort through hundreds of emails each day and it’s annoying to go through such dishonest emails. Put simply, be honest.

10. Good Music Is the Key when Submitting Music to Blogs

There is a chance that your music will not get posted on any of the blogs even if you follow all the above mentioned tips and submit your music to various blogs. At that point, you have the option of going on Twitter and tell the world how everything is about connections and bloggers do not want to support good independent music. Or, have some maturity and consider the fact that your music still requires some time to be ready. After all, bloggers need to like your music if you want to get it posted on the blogs.

Exclusives and Premieres

Premier refers to the coverage when a releases first covered by a blog. Keep in mind that it is pre-coordinated and usually, it takes place one to 2 weeks before the final release date. Also, other blogs are instructed to refrain from publishing until a few hours after the premiering blog has published.

Exclusive refers to a blog covering a release first and exclusively for a fixed period of time which can be one to 4 days. All the other coverage needs to be held off until this exclusive period passes. Large publications typically request this as they have the clout to justify exclusivity.

Premieres and exclusives are different from the traditional feature where a release is simply covered by a blog. Exclusive or premieres are first in the order which is then followed by features. It isn’t set in stone and sometimes, premieres are mistaken by people to be exclusives and the other way round.

As far as we’re concerned, we like premieres over exclusives. However, if it involves a bit publication we can justify doing an exclusive such as FACT, Complex or Billboard. In this case, we will also ask them to pre-commit social media posts otherwise you won’t benefit from their big social media reach.

As far as the value proposition is concerned, exclusives and premieres are of a much bigger value as compared to a feature and therefore, all these should be incorporated in your release sequences. Once a feature or premier goes live, you should follow it up with features. Exclusives and premieres also give an incentive to blogs to post on their social media channels as it gives their audience a chance to listen to a completely new piece of content.

Some of the blogs may also demand or offered to upload your music on other platforms such as SoundCloud or YouTube. These music promotion channels will be covered in a much deeper way in a later post but we are going to touch briefly on what action you need to take here.

Repost on SoundCloud channels of big blogs with significant social reach offers a lot of benefits. However, SoundCloud upload may not have justifiable value and it depends on the audience you have on the platform. For instance, is a big blog that also has a big SoundCloud following. They are able to actively grow their audience by asking for upload rights to the music featured on their blog. It’s a great proposition for a small artist but for something like San Holo, we will need to consider whether it’s better to keep the content exclusive on our own SoundCloud. If that is the case, we will ask for a SoundCloud repost but at the same time, we will also listen to the blog’s demands by offering them a premier.

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