Use this Spotify Marketing Strategy to Gain More Followers

Spotify isn’t just another social network. It’s a place where music fans and makers come together to share a common love. You might even say it’s a platform where a universal language is being spoken. So, if you want to make a dent in the music world, Spotify is the place to do it and this Spotify Marketing Strategy will help.

It doesn’t matter what type of genre you are in or how long you’ve been recording those beats, the platform is open to you and your sound. Get connected with people who appreciate good music when they hear it, and while you’re at it, reach out to other artists and build professional relationships. Spotify is the way to get noticed, but only if you use it right. Here is a great Spotify marketing strategy to increase your presence on Spotify and gain more followers.

1. Make Your Content to Make the Most of your Spotify Marketing Strategy


You want to put some effort into coming up with an original playlist if you are going to gain attention. That means creating a list that can’t be found anywhere else on the network, not even something that sounds similar. The more unique the content you share, the better chance you have of standing out from the crowd.

2. Come Up With Engaging Titles

Titles are critical for grabbing attention. In other words, if your titles don’t capture the essence of the playlist, you will get tagged as someone who just irritates people. So, go for an attention-grabbing title, but also keep it descriptive and informative. Listeners should have a good idea of what’s waiting based solely on the title you provide them with.

3. Be Consistent with your Spotify marketing strategy

The key to success is consistency. If other users notice that you add worthwhile playlists on a regular basis, you are bound to start a strong following.

4. Keep Up With Leading Artists

Not only will listening to leading artists in their genre help to inspire, but it can tell you a lot about current trends. Pick a few leaders in different genres and stay on top of what they are doing. Plus, you never know what type of connections you can end up making.

5. Don’t Limit Your Spotify Marketing Strategy To One Social Network

There are no rules that state you have to only use Spotify. Because if you have a profile you want to promote, you are at liberty to spread it as far and wide as you please. Get your other social media profiles involved and use all the channels you can. Whether it’s Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, just don’t limit yourself to one platform, even if it is the best on the internet.

6. Keep Your Playlists Fresh

It’s always a good idea to go back to a playlist and refresh it a little bit. This will keep your listeners updated and it will show you are maintaining consistency. Just remember that the title should reflect the updates you make. For example, if the title of the playlist says you’ll be listening to the best songs in the last 30 days, it’s not a list that can be updated weekly.

7. Utilize The Follow Button

If you have a blog or website running as well, make sure to add the Spotify follow button on your pages. It’s a good way to spread your reach and gain valuable traffic.

8. Tune Into YouTube

Most artists turn to YouTube as an emerging platform, and with good reason. It serves as the second most popular search engine behind Google, and it serves as a social networking platform. So, if you really want to see an increase in your follows, start linking your YouTube channel with your Spotify profile.

9. Invest In Karma

It’s logical that you can’t expect people to follow and like your playlists when you abstain from doing the same for others. That’s right, you have to share some enthusiasm if you want to see some. Go ahead and share other playlists, leave comments, and really get connected to the community.

10. Keep Followers Updated

Obviously, you don’t want to bombard followers with minor updates every five minutes. Instead, keep them updated at comfortable intervals, ensuring you don’t get irritating or ticked as a spammer. Plus, it won’t hurt if you encourage them to leave an honest opinion or like the updates if they haven’t yet. And when the moment arises, engage with followers and make contact. Because the more they get to know you, the stronger their fellowship is going to be.

Now, go and put this Spotify marketing strategy and tips into action if you want to gain more followers.

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