The Top Reasons To Buy Spotify Plays From Us

Our business is devoted to providing our customers with plays from actual people – not from bots. With over five years of experience in the business, we have a well-established method of helping our customers get real plays on their songs.

Our promotional methods target users based on their gender, their location, their interests, and specific keywords. You never have to worry about bots when you work with our company. Every single play that you get will come from someone who is established on Spotify with their own profile and their own followers.

buy spotify playsA Closer Look At The Process Of Buying Spotify Plays

After you put in your order, our team immediately gets to work. They begin by taking a close look at your account. They then come up with a promotional strategy that focuses on your keywords, your country, and information contained within your profile.

Your Privacy Is Guaranteed

When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about people finding out that you purchased plays. We keep all of your information completely confidential. As far as the testimonials on our site go, they were all printed with the express permission of each individual customer.

The Top Reasons To Purchase Plays

At first, the thought of buying plays may seem a little bit strange. After all, you probably want to grow your plays naturally, having your music get discovered by people on their own without any promotion. While this certainly would be nice, it isn’t really practical in the real world. If you really want to get your account notice on Spotify, the best way to do it is by purchasing plays.

Spotify displays songs that are currently trending on the front page of the site. When deciding which songs to play, they look at the total number of plays that the songs have.

Fortunately, we make it extremely simple to purchase plays from real, targeted people. This will allow you to gain new followers, growing the number of people who are familiar with your music.

As your profile begins to get more activity, it becomes increasingly visible on the Spotify platform. Spotify tends to favor music that is already well-liked. If they see that your songs are popular, they will feature them more prominently on the site, helping you get even more exposure.

The best part is, the plays that you buy from us can continue to pay off far into the future. Because they are coming from people who are interested in the type of music that you play, most of them will stick around forever. Here are some of the ways that purchasing plays can benefit you on Spotify:

  • Get more people to hear your music. When you buy plays from us, we send real users your way who are interested in the type of music that you play. This gives you a chance to grow your audience and to gain new followers.
  • Show off your favorite tracks. Nothing is more frustrating than recording an amazing song only to have it sit there undiscovered. When you purchase plays, you have a chance to get people listening to your music right away.
  • Increase your followers and your income. When you purchase plays, your songs have an opportunity to get heard by a lot more people. This can result in a dramatic increase in followers. It can also help you earn more money as those followers start to purchase your songs.
  • Leverage your success. If you get a large following on Spotify, brands may reach out to you with sponsorship offers. This can help increase your income even further. The only way to get noticed by brands, however, is to have a lot of plays on your songs.

If you are looking to buy Spotify plays then we’re here to help you do just that – get in touch with us and we’ll help you out with this or any aspect of Spotify promotion

Get on Playlists

With music streaming being a prominent means of consuming new music for millions across the world, being on Spotify is vital for every new band or musician. Music lovers these days are using Spotify to discover new artists and bands. As such, being featured on Spotify playlists is a good way to get your music to millions of ears of potential fans. So, how do you get featured?

Admittedly, getting featured on any of the biggest Spotify playlists by simply reaching out to curators is a daunting endeavor. However, the exposure you get is worth the hassle of reaching out. Herein, we will explore some of the best tips you can use to get featured on renowned Spotify playlists.

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For starters, take full advantage of the special offers that TuneCore gives their artists when they sign up for and Radio Airplay. These two services will enable your music to stream on Deezer and Internet radio. You can read more about Radio Airplay here and here.

Create a website as a foundation for you to grow your brand. The website will make it easy for fans to find your music, buy your merch, go to your next gig, or simply learn more about you and what you are doing. Build your website with this special discount for TuneCore artist by going here.

Have a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with your fans (and also promote your music). TuneCore artists can manage all their social activities with the TuneCore Social tool. Click here to learn more.

Create an email list and email your fans and followers regularly. Make a point of always including a link to your music on iTunes and Spotify to increase streams and downloads.

Keep reviewing your TuneCore Account, especially the Artist Services part to get news on the latest services and tools that TuneCore provides artists looking to grow their careers.

Some More Tips to Increase Spotify Plays

Pitch To Curators And Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists

With regards to pitching your music to Spotify playlist curators, you need to first identify the curator of the playlist you are interested in. The curator could be a famous media personality, a music industry insider, or just regular Spotify users.

You can get contact details through Spotify or you can conduct your own research and get their contact details, preferably an email address that you can use. When the playlist you have in mind has been curated by the platform, you will have to find the contact information of the Spotify’s Artist Liaison in question.

Once you have their contacts at hand, try and reach out to them. Keep your email brief. Make sure you include a prominent link to your music. The main goal here is to make as easy as possible for them to find your music and listen to it.

Submit Your Music To Ditto Music’s Spotify Playlists

Ditto Music has been accepting submissions for our New Music Playlists on Spotify. These playlists feature the hottest tracks from independent artists. We have curated numerous playlists for a wide variety of genres including dance, R&B, indie, and much more.

Moreover, we also select tracks music to share with our network of Spotify playlist curators. These curators control large networks, for instance, Viral Top 50 and New Music Friday. To submit your music, click here.

Undertake Spotify Profile Verification

Very majority of Spotify curators only feature artists whose profiles have been verified. Others are more willing to feature your tracks when you have your artist’s profile verified than when it is not. In the past, you needed to have at least 250 followers for your profile to be verified. However, changes in Spotify and the introduction of Spotify for artists means you can get automatically verified right from the start.

Accrue As Many Followers As Possible through winning or buying Spotify Plays

Put an effort to accrue as many Spotify followers as possible – this can be done through buying Spotify followers or gaining them naturally. This gives you an aura of being a serious artist. As such, make sure all your family, friends, and fans follow you on Spotify. Share your music and all social media platforms and promote your Spotify account to shore up your following.

Create And Maintain A Professional Presence On The Internet

Many Spotify curators make an effort of learning more about an artist to see whether they fit their playlist. As such, they will conduct a simple background check on Google. To make a good first impression, create and maintain a professional profile on the internet. To this end, update your website and all social media, making sure you consistently include all relevant artist info.

Be Active In Sharing The Playlist You Have Been Featured On

When you get included on any Spotify playlist, regardless of how small or irrelevant the playlist may seem, share widely. This will help you rack up more and more streams. Additionally, tag the playlist curator in your social posts as well. This will help you build a relationship.

Follow Up to Get More Plays

Many curators are out to get the latest and greatest tracks hey can find. They will not let a great track pass them by. As such, when you fail to reach out to them on the first trial, pitch your track again. Your message could have simply been missed. Do not be afraid to send a follow-up message.

If you are looking to buy Spotify plays then we’re here to help you do just that – get in touch with us and we’ll help you out with this or any aspect of Spotify promotion