A Guide to Better Soundcloud Promotion and Marketing

If music is your passion, you will generally want to spend all of your time writing and performing.  However, if you also want music to be your business, you will have to leave the studio and do some promotion legwork.  If you are unsure about how to do this, you should look at the ways that other musicians are engaged in SoundCloud promotion.

Create A Marketing Plan to Promote your SoundCloud

A common business practice is to set out goals, identify your target audience and create a product which fills the needs of the audience that you want to reach.  As a musician, these steps are just as important as they are for any CEO.

Soundcloud promotionThe first step that you need to take in marketing is to determine your ideal fan’s personality and habits.  Will your fans go to festivals or clubs or would they prefer to hang out on a rooftop bar?  Do they like to listen to music while they are relaxing, working out, hanging out with friends or working?  As a musician, the way that you consume music will often be similar to how your fans will consume music.  The important step is to have these questions answered so that you know who you are going to target with your SoundCloud promotion.

There are a lot of other ways that you can get to know who your potential fans are.  The first is to attend the shows of similar artists and look at the profiles of people who follow these artists online.  If you already have a fan base, you should survey them to find out more about them and ask how they found out about you.

You should also look at forums and join the conversation.  Exploring YouTube for bands in your genre is also a good idea as you can see what people say in the comments.  You should also look at other bands which are associated with you and mingle with their fans to find out more.

At the end of all of this research, you should be able to create a target audience persona.  This is a template which sums up who your average listener is going to be.  When you create this persona, you will want it to be as detailed as possible.  If you are able to use your research to create an average fan that you could name as a real person, you know you have enough detail.  Once you have this, you can start looking at where you can market.

Knowing Where Your Target Audience Is for SoundCloud Promotion

Knowing about your target audience is important, but you also need to know where you will find them offline and online.  Once you know more about the average potential fan such as their hobbies and demographics, you will be able to tell what they are looking for in your music.  There are a number of places that you can use to help you find potential fans online.

These places will include SoundCloud, YouTube, Reddit, 8tracks, and Mixcloud.  The best part about using these online platforms is that they are social.  This allows you to not only see what your potential fans like, but where they are, how they interact with the internet and what other activities they like.  You may have to dig around a bit for the data, but the more you have the better you will be at targeting them.

It is important to note that your potential fans could also be following tastemakers.  The original tastemakers were DJs, but there are more bloggers that are taking over this role in the world of popular and alternative music.  This is why you need to look for online DJs, bloggers and playlist curators to better understand your market.

Dive Into The Data and Improve SoundCloud Marketing

If you are looking to target people in a specific area, you will need to go to that area and take a look around.  When you are dealing with an online location, this can become more complicated and this is where data and analytics will come in handy.

If you want to get data from promotion, the best solution is to go Pro.  Free SoundCloud accounts will have upload restrictions and will not allow artists to access any of the data the company has.  However, with a Pro account, you will get more upload time and you will be able to see traffic and usage data.  If you are able to afford the price of the Pro account, this is the easiest way to get listener data.

promotion on soundcloudIf you do not want to upgrade to SoundCloud Pro, you can always use Google Analytics or YouTube.  YouTube is limited in the data they provide as they only give insights into your channel, but this is useful as you can see what other music your fans are listening to and how many of your songs are being heard.  YouTube does have more song insights, but this will only be useful for YouTube traffic so you will not be learning about your fans across the internet.

Google Analytics is the most powerful analytics tools for free out there and if you have a website, you will be able to get an endless amount of insight from it.  Google Analytics will be able to tell you everything from where your fans are to their interests and age.  This is very valuable information for when you plan out your next release or next tour.  However, there are some constraints on the analytics which include the fact that it is for your website only.

Facebook and Twitter also have their own analytics platforms.  If you are savvy with social media, you should use as many social platforms as you can.  This will help you target your audience and get more data to plan out your next moves.

Promote SoundCloudOn Social Media

Once you have all of your SoundCloud promotional materials ready for fans and influencers, you will be ready to use all of your data.  At this point, you will have set your goals, determined your target fans and gathered all the data you need.  You will now have to take to the social streets to promote your music.

Social media is one of the places that you should look at promoting your music.  You do not have to be on every social media network on the internet, but you also should not only choose one and only use it because of the brand.  You should look at a social media platform that you are comfortable with and that your potential fans are also using.
One of the great features of SoundCloud and reasons to engage in promotion is that it is friendly with other social media platforms.  You will be able to link to your website as well as your account on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram.  This means that you will be active on the social media platforms, but will use SoundCloud as your base.

There are a lot of different ways that you can engage with potential fans on social media using your profile and others’.  You should use your accounts to drive engagement by asking questions, making polls, telling jokes and asking for shares.  Organic buzz around your music can be created with the use of hashtags and pictures.

You should also make use of discounted merchandise, free downloads and tickets to gigs.  This can be offered in exchange for an email sign-up or as a reward for a contest that gets people to notice your account.  You should also engage with people on social media.  It is important to think like your potential fan and determine how you would like an artist to reach out to you.
Social media is a great tool to use to grow your fan base.  You will be able to talk directly with fans and you should look at spending an hour online to get to know everyone better.  The more people you are able to talk to, the more fans will get to know you.

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Use A SoundCloud Marketing Company

You have done your planning and started to create an online buzz.  However, before you blow up, you need to build up some numbers.  It is very easy for a good artist to be lost in the sea of others on social media because they do not have a following.  This does not mean that their music is not good, it simply means that when people see a track with a low hit count, they are more likely to judge and hit next.

This is why you should look at buying plays in small increments throughout your marketing process.  This will help you ensure that your new traffic is not falling on an empty profile.  When you buy social proof as you marketing yourself, it will make it look like you are growing your fans organically and this will actually push people to follow you.  This does not mean that you should only buy followers, plays, and reposts.  To get the best results, you will need to give yourself a boost across social media as well.

If you are concerned about this, you should know what this is something that a lot of musicians have done before and if you do it correctly, it will work for you.  This is one of the reasons why there are so many SoundCloud marketing companies out there.  Of course, you should read some reviews and look at recommendations before you choose any company to work with.

Reach Out To Tastemakers for Better SoundCloud Marketing

Once you have some organic buzz surrounding you and a good online marketing company to work with, you need to reach out to the people with the big guns.  Tastemakers are important and you need to ensure that you connect with them.  All artists who have made it big will state that they could not have done it on their own.
There is always a time when an artist who is making great music and being boosted by fans needs to have their music picked up by someone.  That someone will be a tastemaker and could be a radio DJ, producer, blogger, YouTuber, Reddit curator or an A&R.  There is no end to who can be a tastemaker either online or offline.
You should also never assume that tastemakers are going to simply find you.  This is actually very rarely the case.  This is one of the reasons why artists will have managers and you will need to find the tastemakers yourself.

To do this, you will have to do some research to find out who they are.  You also need to consider if your music appeals to their listeners.  Offering an incentive is a good idea and you should have a press kit ready to send to them when you make contact.  Once the tastemaker has your name, they will head to your SoundCloud to check you out where they will see people talking on social media about your music and your growing fan base.

Work SoundCloud Promotion Some More

It is important to remember that your online music presence will start and end with SoundCloud.  This means that you should never neglect your SoundCloud presence.  Once you have found your music niche, you need to reach out and SoundCloud is the best way to do this.

The first step will be to follow others.  This could be an artist whose music you like or a fan who would love if you follow them back.  Following is one of the best ways to increase your network, but it can be a slow process.  When you follow others, you may even contact another artist who is interested in collaborating with you.

The second step is to leave a comment, but remember to never spam people.  SoundCloud offers a great comment feature and will give you the chance to jump into conversations with fans and other artists.  You should use this feature to get more people to your page, but be careful to no just jump in and leave a link.  This will generally backfire on you.

The next step will be to join groups.  You should look at groups that are either genre-focused or location-focused.  If you are a musician in Portland, you should look at Portland-based groups and if you are a cellist, you should look at cellist groups.  This can be a great way to meet fans and other artists in your genre.

It is not hard to be successful with music, but it will take time and some work.  When you follow these steps to promote your music on SoundCloud, you will be able to grow your music presence both online and off.  To recap what you need to do you should:

• Create a marketing plan with your goals set out.
• Know where to find your target audience and have a solid understanding of the potential fans.
• Get into the data from SoundCloud Pro, Google Analytics or social media analytics.
• Promote your music on social media to start an organic buzz.
• Make use of a SoundCloud marketing company to create your initial social proof and make your online profiles more appealing.
• Get in contact with tastemakers when you are ready.
• Get your music to people who already have a following.
• Work on SoundCloud some more and close the marketing loop.

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