10 Tips for Better Organic SoundCloud Promotion

Want to improve your SoundCloud promotion game – these ten tips are going to help you do just that. Read on and learn the best organic SoundCloud promotion techniques.

1. Share All Your Music With the Public for better Organic SoundCloud Promotion

SoundCloud was first designed to create a simple platform for anyone to store their tracks in a single place and later spread them out to blogs, social networks, etc. You could easily share your singles or albums to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms or just embed the music player manually. All you need to do is click share on your player to share the tracks with the public.

And concerning fan engagement, the possibilities for sharing sets and tracks on the SoundCloud platform are endless. And as for the feedback on your alternate mixes, encourage your followers to create perfect setlists of their own, post any untitled track and request your followers to make comments with ideas for the appropriate song name.

2. Make Your Tunes Easily Accessible by Bloggers

With SoundCloud, it is possible for you to engage in a bit of digital PR. Send out your tracks to journalists and bloggers, but be in control of whether they can just stream or download the tracks

3. Share All Your Works-In-Progress Privately

Do you have any new material you wish to share with specific fans? Are you working with an artist to release a new track? The private sharing feature which helps you be in control of your digital PR could also help you provide exclusive content and request feedback from your bandmates, producer, friends, or label without having to share the tune with the public.

4. Give Free Tracks for Better Organic SoundCloud Promotion

With SoundCloud, it is possible to give tracks as free downloads. Select some of your best solo tracks and let your followers download them at no cost. This could help your music go viral.

5. Remain Engaged: Look Through Comments and Respond to Other People’s Concerns

One cool feature about SoundCloud is the fact that it lets a listener leave a comment at a particular instance in the waveform. “Hey, I am in love with your chorus!” The guitar solo should be smoother.” And a lot more.

Make sure you check your comments frequently, reply to all your listeners, and provide responses to other band songs.

6. Join “Groups” for Real SoundCloud Promotion Growth

There are different types of location, as well as genre-based “groups” on the SoundCloud platform. Select a few that you feel your tracks would be appropriate for, join them, and start submitting your tracks. It is an excellent way to build a small online community which could ultimately result in gigs as well as sales in the long run.

7. Hold a Remix Contest

Check with SoundCloud on how you could host a remix contest. Then go ahead to post all your solo tracks and enroll fans to create some good remixes.

8. Keep Following to Improve your Organic SoundCloud Marketing

In many ways, SoundCloud could be viewed as a social community made up of listeners, music creators, bookers, critics, and much more. You could be a creator and a listener at the same time. However, you must not follow everyone who follows you but it would be a good idea to follow individuals who are actively engaged in the music you produce. Ultimately, they are the same people who will probably share your music with their followers and friends.

9. Explore the Additional Features.

Whether you are used to the features of your Premium SoundCloud account, including play widgets and display artwork, develop a custom player like The Golden Filter or Band of Horses, there are numerous options for you to explore with regards to sharing music on SoundCloud.

10. Utilize SoundCloud’s “Buy Links” for for Real SoundCloud Promotion Growth

Through the set or track setting, SoundCloud lets you include links to a music player which direct listeners to where you are selling your music, either offline or online. Make sure you point your listeners to CD baby so that they buy your MP3s and CDs.

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