Why Buy SoundCloud Plays from Us

You spend much of your valuable time making amazing podcasts, mixes, or music. Promoting your content should not be your second job and that’s why we offer you the chance to buy Soundcloud plays. We promote both you and your content to actual people using streamlined, cutting-edge marketing strategies. It means that you spend less time on marketing and more time making your next hit. All you need to do is buy SoundCloud followers and SoundCloud plays and leave the rest of the promoting to us. You can start to see results as soon as today.

Help Start Things Off

It is an excellent way to kickstart your song. Instead of starting at zero plays, you can start from several thousand and put things in gear quickly.

SoundCloud Plays Provide Social Proof

buy soundcloud playsSocial proof is a concept you will frequently hear being talked about. It might sound complicated but the important thing is that it works. The basics of social proof is that accounts that invest in SoundCloud plays are more likely to be trusted since plays by other people provide the validation. This not only leads to a higher number of plays but more fans in real life too.


Your content can attract a lot of attention from agents, record companies, and even the media.

Going Viral with SoundCloud Plays

It is not easy for anything to go viral. However, it can be done and is actually done almost on a daily basis. With the proper setup it is possible to take your content viral. The following are the steps you should follow:

  • Avail your content: We are talking about all platforms from YouTube to SoundCloud, Vimeo, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, and all the music sharing platforms available.
  • Talk to people and promote your content: You should interact with your target audience. Post links to songs on a variety of platforms and ask for honest reviews but don’t forget to respond to comments.
  • Use the right marketing materials: After the music, you still have to pay close attention to marketing artwork, photos, language, reviews, and high-quality video too if you can afford it.

It is great for getting the ball rolling.

Your content won’t go viral if you wait for a handful of people to discover it each week. Your content should be listened to by many people within a short period. The people that listen to your content should share it with their circles, who in turn should share it with their circles, and so on. This is how content goes viral. If you gather a sufficient number of SoundCloud plays, this is exactly what might happen to you.


Buying SoundCloud plays can be done on many different platforms including our SoundCloud plays service that also allows you to buy likes and comments. Once you are able to get this moving along, more people will start to join in and comment. Before you know it, you will have a significant following for your SoundCloud tracks.


SoundCloud – Benefits of Purchasing Plays

With over 175 million unique visitors every month, SoundCloud has developed into a dominant force in the online music world. SoundCloud has been valued as a billion-dollar company by major investors and often has a major impact on an artist’s visibility, particularly at the beginning of their career. When this service is used effectively, you can expand to broad audiences while also increasing how profitable it is to produce music. In that respect, there has been some discussion about the inefficiency of purchasing SoundCloud plays, however the reality is that buying 100,000 plays is a very powerful strategy that provides many distinct benefits to users.

1. Buying SoundCloud Followers will Attract More Listeners

It is obvious that users are very attracted to content that is viewed to be popular, and getting plays can directly impact how appealing your music is. If you are still an emerging artist without a core set of listeners and audience yet, then gettingplays can help you get established as a musician as well as improve your ability to attract more listeners to your music.

2. Get Taken Seriously

When you are an emerging artist, it is critical that other others take you seriously as a music creator. When you can prove that it is worthwhile to listen to your music – to the tun of six figures in plays – then you can show industry influencers that your music does matter. You might be able to produce amazing music, but it won’t amount to much without it being taken seriously. Those purchased plays can really help to cement your image as someone who is worth getting to know.

3. Book More Gigs and Shows

When you have a SoundCloud Track that has more than 100,000 plays it an impact your image beyond the digital world. Whenever venues are searching for show to book, they will be the most drawn to how popular your music is and it will motivate them to look at your talent more closely. To get gigs booked on a consistent basis – especially the kinds of gigs that have the ability to transform your career – it is critical to first get noticed. Purchasing plays will do that for you, and give you much more recognition than you have ever had before.

4. Gain Attention From Record Labels

Obtaining SoundCloud plays goes beyond playing more shows and booking more gigs. If you would really like to hit the big time as an artist, then it is critical to gain attention from the record labels. It is well-known that in the digital era that record labels are searching through online music distribution platforms like SoundCloud in search of emerging talent. The best technique for getting notice from those that matter is to increase the number of plays on your very best tracks of music.

5. Increase your Value by Buying SoundCloud Followers

Along with all of the benefits that have already been mentions, more plays will increase your value as a musician and artist. It will allow you to point out a clearly successful track record, and that will be a big asset for you when it comes time to negotiating contracts and booking gigs. As a musician it is critical that you get paid the compensation that you deserve for your performances, and being able to show 100,000 plays can be very valuable when you are bargaining.

For emerging talent, it is difficult to overstate the potential there is to be successful on SoundCloud’s platform. Having your dreams transformed into reality and being able to earn that paycheck that you have dreamed about for so long is withing your reach – it all begins with buying SoundCloud plays and garnering the recognition from influencers and fans that you truly deserve.

6. Boost The Popularity of Your Tracks

The most effective way of increasing the popularity of your music is to perhaps provide with a spike of momentum that you can do through SoundCloud plays. There isn’t anything mysterious about how effective this technique is – when you get plays for your music, it will directly influence your track’s overall popularity. That is particularly useful when there is one track especially that you think deserves extra attention and could spark increased interest in your artistic talent.

Best Place to Purchase SoundCloud Plays

If you are able to earn a sufficient number of plays by using the SoundCloud plays service, it will be much easier for you to make it to the SoundCloud most popular list. The moment you become popular on SoundCloud you will make it to other musical charts too. The music industry is also likely to recognize your efforts and you will find it much easier to make it in. As you are probably aware a budget is of great importance. Purchasing SoundCloud plays to make massive profits. You can also get SoundCloud Comments and Likes from us. We are your go-to resource for real SoundCloud plays at great prices.

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