Why should you buy Facebook Watch access? is going to be huge and getting onto the platform can allow you to leverage your brand, business and company hugely.

We can provide access to those looking to buy Facebook watch channels. This is a medium that is steadily gaining popularity and is set to explode, allowing publishers access to huge audiences and huge opportunities to grow their businesses.

Why Buy a Facebook Watch Page

buy facebook watch pageIf you can get on Facebook watch you can leverage the power of billions of viewers to help grow your brand and make the most of your videos.

What You Should Know About Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a platform that’s built within Facebook, and it allows online creators, publishers and TV studios to broadcast their shows. They can earn revenue via ad sales too. At the same time, they can connect with audiences who will be highly engaged. Our Facebook Watch Service can help you make the most of this. 

The platform is relatively new and there are a number of advertising opportunities. Facebook has decided to allow both mid-roll and pre-roll advertising. Not only that, but the KPIs look good too.

Ad Age mentioned how the best performing video on Watch garnered over 2 million views and over a thousand comments. That video was about Donald Trump on The Late Show (Stephen Cobert). The video apparently got far more views on Watch than the views on YouTube.

Long-form content is being prioritized by Facebook. The type of content offered includes partnerships with dozens of creators and broadcast network originals. Many topics are covered, such as travel, food, sports and comedy to name a few.

Brands & Advertisers: What Challenges Do Watch Pose To Them

As of now, we aren’t clear how to measure engagement within the platform. You also can’t tell where the views are cumming from, and Facebook counts views in a different way than how YouTube and other platforms count them. Even if a video plays for a mere few seconds, it will still be counted as a view.

Some viewers might not appreciate mid-roll ads, as this has typically been free of ads. However, if content is free, then people should expect this to happen. Plus, if the ads are relevant, the chances are viewers will still watch the rest of the video.

Brands & Advertisers: What Kind Of Opportunities for those that Buy a Facebook Watch Page

Min-roll adverts are around 10 seconds long and they cannot be skipped. More than half of mid-roll ads are viewed to the editing, according to Facebook, and this is probably because most ads are designed to be entertaining. The content is quite lengthy, so the chances are the sound will probably be on.

Brands have control over ad placement. They may be able to reach more people this way. Other types of content is being tested too, such as viral reels, which means brands may be able to get maximum exposure.

If brands want to, they can partner with influencers. Creators will also be able to monetize their content via ads. This means they have that way to do it, and via brand pages. Our Facebook Watch Service can help you make the most of this. 

Why Buying Facebook Watch Is A Good Idea

The platform may be new still, but it has already attracted some major names. This includes NBA, CBS and Univision. Major brands and influencers have signed up too, and this includes Delish magazine.

Mid-placement ads have already been placed inside content and the potential looks amazing. The ads appear to fit in well with the content they are being published on. With that said, appears that user-generated content might be a good way to generate more engagement on Facebook and Facebook Watch.