What You Need To Know About the New Watch Feature on Facebook

Facebook’s dedicated streaming platform, known as Facebook Watch is now available worldwide, a year after it became accessible to users in the US. We’re going to soon offer a service that will allow people purchase Watch pages and utilise the service for their own brands.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, FB Watch is a clear competitor to major video streaming sites like Netflix or YouTube. It features a host of original videos, with the viewers, as with many similar platforms, being encouraged to interact with others through comments, likes, and reactions. The video service will be available as a dedicated section in the Facebook App, and will also be accessible through the Facebook Video App in Samsung Smart Tv, Apple Tv, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, as well as Oculus TV.

What is FB Watch Video Service all About?

Well, this service launched to a few individuals in the United States on 9th August 2017 and became available to everyone in the US at the end of the same month. FB Watch offers personalized recommendations for shows, and categories that have combined content like ‘Shows Your Friends are Watching’, What’s Making People Laugh’, as well as ‘Most Talked About’. The service gives content creators an opportunity to stream both short-form and long-form content to a more tailored audience and utilize advertising breaks to monetize the clips.

To add to the community feel, since it is a service in the Facebook platform, users can be able to connect with other viewers or friends while watching, comment, and even participate in a dedicated Group for the video that they are viewing. According to Daniel Danker, the Product Director at Facebook, the video service is a platform for all publishers and creators to find an audience, create a community of fans and earn money for their original content.

Facebook Watch Shows

Currently,  Watch has launched over 30 shows including Science @ NASA, a dedicated NASA series that explores various topics with an aim to make space exploration understandable. Others include a daily show with the Vlogger Nas, Meet my Mom, Hello Sunshine, Bear Grylls: Face the Wild, Tom vs Time, and upcoming comedies; Sorry for Your Loss and Queen America.

In addition to original content, the service has ideally picked up existing TV shows for new seasons like SN 2 of Loosely Exactly Nicole as well as SN 6 of The Mind of a Chefwhich, which was nominated for the 45th Daytime Emmy Awards

The video streaming service does not stop there as they have been venturing into the English-language remake field by adapting Norwegian teen drama Skam. The show launched on 27th April 2018. With the huge concern regarding fake news, the company has ideally reportedly invested on news programming on  Watch, with budgets between $5 to $10 million per year for daily news shows and between $1 and $2 million for weekly news programming.

The service is ideally streaming live sports as well, like Major League Baseball although its a weekly game and some games of Major League Soccer.

What Makes FB Watch Distinct?

Well, there are is no denying that the space for video streaming is very crowded and so, the company had to look for a way to be special. Well, there are 3 primary ways in which Facebook Watch is distinct, all of which show promise for the future of the service.

The first is original content. This content can be viewed through the tab known as ‘Watch’ and it’s only exclusive to FB Watch, meaning it cannot be seen elsewhere, but of course, there is the exception of the live content that’s available via deals like Major League Soccer and Baseball.

Watch, unlike Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube Red, is free as it is monetized through advertisement breaks. That means people can be able to watch the content, including the exclusive shows for free, just by logging in to their accounts.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, the service is personalized in a manner that has never been seen before. The service’s personalization feature takes advantage of everything that people already admire about Facebook- it is social and personal at the same time. People like getting recommendations for things that they like and also like the ability to share them with friends across the platform.

The service gives personalized recommendations on the Discover tab, and categories such as ‘What’s Making People Laugh’, ‘Most Talked About’, and ‘Shows Your Friends are Watching’ and subscribing to a show or series immediately connects you to fellow fans via show-linked groups.

These are features that we have seen implemented in other platforms, but facebook Watch has certainly taken it to another level.

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