The Ultimate Guide to Adding and Editing on Wikipedia

This comprehensive guide will take you through all aspects of setting up a Wikipedia entry from creating an account, to Wikipedia post help, to editing content and even deleting it.

We obviously offer our own service, but if you wish to create your own page – here is our comprehensive guide.

How to Set Up a Wikipedia Account

how to create a wikipedia account

how to create a wikipedia account

  • If you have ever wanted to edit Wikipedia, navigate pages and create a watch list while being anonymous, it is now possible.
  • Wikipedia allows you to create an account in just a couple of minutes. Take a look at this guide to learn how you can create an account and be able to edit and make changes on Wikipedia anonymously.
  • To get started, click the Sign In or Create an Account located in the upper right corner. This will take you to the page where you can create an account.
  • Fill out the required information and then type the captcha. The captcha helps prevent a computer activated program from signing up for an account. If you have trouble with the captcha, you can reload it and enter the new information. Then, click next to continue.
  • You will need to come up with a username that will be associated with the account. Choose one carefully. If you want to be anonymous, make sure your username has no identifying information. When you are entering the password, choose one that you will remember.
  • When creating a password, make sure that it will be difficult for anyone else to remember and include both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. You will need to enter the same password again to ensure it was typed correctly.
  • Finally, you will need to enter your email address in the box labeled email. You can find more information about emails in the Tips section. Finally, click create an account. You are now a registered Wikipedia user.

How to Become a Wikipedia Editor

How to become a wikipedia editor

  • Once you have signed up for an account, you can be a Wikipedia editor.
  • Due to the open nature of Wikipedia, anyone can become an editor; however, if you want to ensure your contributions stay and that you are a trusted member of the Wikipedia, you will need to follow these steps. Soon, you will be a respected member of the Wikipedia community.
  • First, you need to create a Wikipedia account to help you gain some credibility. Creating an account also allows you to create Wikipedia articles. When you first begin, start small.
  • Rather than creating an entirely new article, start small and edit a few existing Wiki pages. You will also want to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia’s main policies. You should learn the five pillars of Wikipedia to help you get familiar with the main principles of Wikipedia.
  • Remember, take your time and slowly ease your way into actively editing and creating Wikipedia articles.
  • If you need any help on navigating Wikipedia, creating articles or editing articles, you can information on Wikipedia policies by checking out the help section, contacting the help desk or accessing the community portal. The help section offers a basic guide to Wikitext. Check this out first to ensure you under the syntax used on Wikipedia. The help desk allows you to communicate directly with Wiki support.
  • Finally, the community portal shows the articles that need small editing done.
  • Wikipedia Adventure helps you learn about Wikipedia. This interactive game has seven different missions with surprises and skills. The came will help you learn the rules and principles of Wikipedia. Everyone agrees this is one of the easiest and best ways to help you become a successful Wikipedian.

The Best Practices for Creating a Wikipedia Page

The best practices of Wikipedia include learning how to use edit summaries, how to avoid controversy on Wikipedia and allows you to use your email address for communication in the Wiki community. You will also learn how to remove copyright material, stop vandalism and other maintenance task and engage in collaborative tasks, which helps to create informative articles. Stay active and continue contributing to help increase your visibility. Soon, you will be recognized for your hard work and effort.

How do I Create a Wikipedia Article

  • Wikipedia, a web-based encyclopedia, allows users to create and edit entries. Wikipedia is the largest wiki and has more than five million English articles online.
  • To create a Wikipedia article, you will want to navigate to Wikipedia’s main page.
  • If you wish to write an article in another language, you will need to navigate to Wiki’s international page and choose the language you wish to write in.
  • Next, search the internet to see if another Wiki article already exists on the subject that you want to write about. If the subject matter you wish to write on is popular, there is probably already an article on your subject matter. Type your article in the box on the Wiki page and hit enter.
  • If the article that you wrote is about a subject matter that already exists, the article will immediately be visible. If not, you will get a list of results when you do an internet search. Peruse the list carefully as the article may be listed using a slightly different heading than the heading you gave the article.
  • If you do a search and are sent to another article, check out the top of the page. There is a chance that your search term was automatically redirected to another article. If this happens, you can create a stand-alone article for Wikipedia.
  • When you decide to write an article, consider the subject matter of your article carefully. If Wikipedia does not already have an article on your subject matter, you should ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Is the subject a worthwhile article to include in an encyclopedia?
  2. Will anyone wants to read the article that you are writing?
  3.  Can the article’s information be verified using other reference sources or articles on the internet?
  • If you answer no to any of these questions, you should not write the article.
  • Articles that are not verifiable or notable will be deleted. Why spend time working on an informative piece that will not be read or will be deleted?

How Do I Write a Wikipedia Article

How do i create a wikipedia article

  • To write your article, you will need to click Create This Article on the search page.
  • The link is located under Search. If you searched for Underwater Basketweaving, click the link for the Title that you created (click on Underwater Basketweaving). Then, click Start the Underwater Basketweaving Article.
  • In order to create an article, you will need to log in to your Wikipedia account.
  • If you have an account, enter your username and password.
  • If you do not have an account, click Create an Account. This will take you to the account creation page.
  • You will need to come up with a username and a password and then click Create Account. If no one has already used your username, your account will be created and you can now write and submit Wiki articles.
  • Although an anonymous user can submit an article using the article creation system, the article will not be published until a registered user takes a look at it and approves the article.
  • Your Userpage is where you will write your article before it is published.
  • Navigate to User (your username/article name). this will allow you to edit or write an article.
  • Click the Create tab to get started writing your first article.
  • You will then be given a large empty box to write your article.
  • Start with the lead section, which is a short introduction to your article. Then, create the main body of the article.
  • Your article should be informative and a reasonable length.
  • Learn more about formatting in the Tips and Wiki Formatting Section. Once you have written your article, click Save.

How to Proofread Your Wikipedia Article

  • You will need to take the time to proofread your article, looking for any grammatical or spelling errors. Take the time to read your article thoroughly and ask yourself if this is information that an active internet user will want to read and whether you forgot anything in the article.
  • Once you are happy with the article, click Move. Then, remove the User: (your username)/ portion so that only the name of the article remains.
  • You have now created a new Wikipedia article.
  • You can then nominate your article for Did You Know. Do this by typing WP: DYK in the search box and follow the instructions on the page.

How to Upload Files in Wikipedia

How to Upload Files in Wikipedia

  • A large portion of Wikipedia articles contains images. These images help the readers understand the information in the article.
  • You can also use images on the User/Talk pages of Wikipedia.
  • To upload an image, navigate to the Language page on Wikipedia.
  • Choose the language you want and then Log In or Create an Account.
  • Wikipedia prevents you from uploading files unless you have an account.
  • Once you are logged in, click Toolbox and then Upload File.
  • Click the Click Here to Start the Upload and choose the file you wish to upload.
  • Name the file using a good descriptive name because it will be shown on Wikipedia using the file name.

Are Images on Wikipedia Copyrighted?

  • You are the copyright owner if you have made the image by yourself without incorporating or copying another’s creative work. If you are the copyright owner, are you willing to release your rights under a free license? If you are, then you will need to provide information on your work, including the date and whether you have published it elsewhere. It is extremely important to realize that anyone can use your work if you provide a free license.
  • If the image is the work of another? Can you provide information showing that the owner released the image using a free license and that it can be used by anyone for any purpose? If so, list the name of the owner, the date of creation and the source (i.e. Was the image online or did the owner provide you with the image in person?), permission and the type of license the owner chose (this information shows that you have permission to use the image). It is important to remember that this information is required even if you are using images from a free published source.
  • If the image is old and the copyright has expired, you will need to provide the name of the author and when the copyright expired. If the copyright has expired, make sure that it has not been resubmitted for continued copyright protection. Is the image now public domain? The information that you will need to include is to include the name of the original author, the date of their death, the date of creation, where you found the file (if you got the file online, including the URL link to the file, why the work is free of all types of copyright and the full bibliographic information as evidence.
  • If the file is considered Public domain for another reason, you will need to demonstrate the work is available for public domain. Was the file created by the US Federal Government? Is the file too simple to warrant a copyright? You will still need to provide the source, date of creation, the name of the author and why the file is free from any copyright.
  • If the file is copyrighted and you think it is covered under Fair Use, you will need to include the following information. Include the name of the article that you want to include and the<nowiki>. Then, you must provide the rationale for using the file. If the file does not match any of the above categories, you will need to include its current status and who owns or made it. If you cannot provide the information, do not upload it. Do not upload any file unless you can ensure that it is not copy written material. Wikipedia explicitly follows copyright laws. You can upload the image to Wikipedias sister project, Wikimedia Commons. This will allow the image to appear on Wikipedia. Make sure that the right information is given pertaining to copyright information and all information is true. If you do not do this and give the wrong information, you can get blocked from using Wikipedia. You can find more information about Wikipedia and copyright laws by visiting Wikimedia Commons, Sources and Citations and Edit a Page at

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

You may be reading an article on Wikipedia and find an error. If you want to edit an article, you will need to log into or create an account. Creating an account will allow all of your contributions to be listed under your username. If, on the other hand, you want to edit an article without creating an account, continue reading below.

How to Edit an Unprotected Page

  • If you find an article on Wikipedia that contains a mistake like grammatical or spelling errors or wrong information, you will want to edit the article.
  • Click the edit icon and correct the mistake/mistakes that you have found.
  • Read through the article again to ensure you didn’t erase something or if there are other things that need to be correct.
  • Click Show Preview to see the articles with your edits before saving.
  • Finally, click Save Page. This will save your edits. When you complete your edits, make sure to include an edit summary that describes the changes that you made to the article.

How to Edit a Protected Page

  • First, navigate to the protected page and click View Source.
  • Then click Submit an Edit Request.
  • You will need to fill in the information and describe what you want to do.
  • Finally, click Show Preview and Save to send the information.

How to Delete an Article on Wikipedia

  • The only people that can delete a page on Wikipedia is the administrators and bureaucrats approved by Wikipedia.
  • If you find an article that needs to be deleted, there are steps that must be taken.
  • First, go to the article that needs to be deleted.
  • Remember, articles may not be deleted, only merged with another article or redirected to an article.
  • Read Wiki’s deletion policies to learn the reasons that are acceptable for deleting articles.
  • Navigate to the top of the article and click More for a drop down menu and find Delete. You will then need to select the reason that you think the page should be deleted. There are several pre-selected reasons that you can choose from; however, you are not required to choose these.
  • You can click the Other/Additional Reason box and enter the reason that you believe the article should be deleted.
  • The most common reasons for deletions fall under either sticky deletion, proposed deletion or speedy deletion.
  • After you have entered the information, click Delete Page to delete the article.
  • If you find an article that cannot be improved or deleted, you should report it.
  • Other reasons for deletion include a biography of someone who is alive that do not have any other identifiable references. A deleted article can be reinstated.
  • Additionally, a blocked user can be reinstated if the administrators deem it is appropriate.
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