Market your Music and Buy Spotify Plays to Make a Name for Yourself

Spotify is the number one streaming site for music in the world and if you know how to make the most of it, you can promote your Spotify music to a huge audience. Gaining Spotify plays and followers can really help you improve your visibility and become seen

1. Buy Spotify Plays to Showcase your Album Cover

Imagery and social media go hand and hand together. When you put out a picture that is related to your music, that picture needs to make a statement and say something about who and what you are. The image should be clear and crisp, and it needs to be professional. If you put up a sub-par picture, people will think that you are not serious about your brand. Your music could be great, but if you don’t have something visual that is going to bring people in and get them to learn more about you, you probably won’t be successful. Visual tools are therefore very important going forward. Show others that you are a professional by putting great information out there. Making a name for yourself as a new artist is hard; choosing a great picture for your album cover can smooth the road for a a bit.

2. Regularly Add Content to Improve

It is important to be consistent; your followers need to know that they can expect new content from you on a regular basis going forward. Spotify is a very saturated market; there are a ton of songs on there and on other platforms as well. If you want to make a name for yourself, it is important to put your music up on a schedule. Don’t simply upload everything at one time. Instead, put songs up slowly so that you can stretch them out in between albums. Doing so ensures that you get the biggest audience possible for your music. If you just dump all your songs on the platform at one time, most will not get seen. By taking your time, you increase anticipation for your music. It also gives you time to prepare everything for your next album.

3. Use Social Media and Buy Spotify Plays

Establish a presence on social media and log onto your sites regularly. There are several platforms that you should look into; for example, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all important. These sites can help you make a name for yourself, but you have to use them if you want to see results. Make posts, comment on other profiles and interact with the community. Steaming platforms are usually more interested in people that are on social media on a regular basis. They know when you put something from Spotify up on one of your pages. They know when others share your music as well. You never know who you will reach as a result of social media, so it is definitely worth a small time investment to try and get attention for what you are doing.

4. Set Up Playlists and Buy Spotify Plays

You want to have one of your songs put on Spotify’s self promoted playlists; if this happens, a huge audience has the potential to hear your music. It’s hard to get on one of these playlists, however. You can’t really request it, and you have to already be getting attention for your music if you want to be on their radar. The other tips in this article will certainly get you off to a good start, but making your own playlists is important as well.

How much music do you have? If you have a lot, you may need several different playlists that allow you to highlight your music in different ways. If you only have a few songs, you can set up a playlist that highlights one of your songs and includes other music that is in the same genre. Make sure that on any given playlist you have a good mix of your music and other music. Otherwise, Spotify sees it as self-promotion and you won’t get popularity points.

5. Partner With A Music Station to Increase Spotify Followers

There are music stations out there that use Spotify and put out music playlists. If your music is included on one of these playlists, you will get the attention of new listeners that may then become fans. The benefit of partnering with a music station is that they are likely sharing more often and reaching more people than you would be able to do on your own.

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