A Guide to Getting More Music Publicity for your Band

Do you want to get more interest in your band? Course you do an music blog submission can get you noticed and get you in the headlines.

This is a strategy used in business to reach new clients and customers while keeping the current ones loyal to a particular product or the entire business. It is a process that involves improving the awareness of a particular product, service or venture to a target market or audience to improve on its reception or sales (product or service). Having focus on the music scene, there are so many more avenues that can be used to push music other than the internet, though it is the most effective because it even reaches the most remote audiences. These avenues include: Payment for advertising, oral marketing, guerilla marketing, promotion in mainstream media and sales and also public relations.

Publicity on the other hand refers to focus on a particular product by the different forms of media for promotional purposes because they do appreciate it or they have got an interest on the same. Public relations is now the favorable professional view of the target market to a specific product as a result of publicity attempts. The target audience is therefore left with the brand, offering and image of the product as provided by the public relations team that is working on publicity. There are a few tips that could help in stimulating publicity and building good public relations specifically for music content:

Good Background

This is the backstory of the stakeholder that will be appealing to the target audience during the publicity campaign. For instance, previous successful music released or a group of successful well known people that have been engaged.

Create Press Materials or Try Our Music Blog Submission Service

music blog submissionThis involves a detailed analog or digital press kit about the stakeholder that should include: Press (current news) release, professional photograph, samples, business card and biography. This is important for the form of media that will be used to do the publicity. If you’re not in the know, try our music blog submission

Having a Contact List

This includes a group of different media forms (newspapers, blogs and magazines) that are mostly accessible by the target audience. It is important to have contact with the editors of the various forms so as to determine who to reach out to when there is content to be publicized.

Relationships with Music Bloggers

It is important to have a good professional and personal relationship with the people in the contact list. Professional relationship is basically reaching out to them but personal relationship involves reaching out, engaging, promoting and completing their work.


Send the editors and promoters information that presents exactly what you require from them. This would include an interview or a live performance. This helps them figure out how to interact with the client.

Be Part of the Scene.

This is basically being totally active in the industry whether there is material to promote or not. This involves supporting fellow stakeholders in the industry by attending their shows, appreciating their work and engaging with the more successful ones.

Community and Charity Events

For a stakeholder to take part in such events, it is perceived as giving back to the society. This promotes the view of the target audience to the stakeholder as humble and modest thus appreciating more what they do.

Creating a Personal Publicity Medium

With the current advancements in technology, the stakeholder (artist) could easily create their own publicity medium to push their own content for free. This would include a blog or social media pages for music submission on blogs


This refers to making the most of the opportunities that have already been created to reach the target audience. An easy way to do so is also promoting the events of those mediums for free or at a relatively smaller fee.

Testimonials Help

They are very efficient more so when trying to reach bigger audiences. It is important to get testimonials and recommendations from successful people and include them in press releases, biographies and also personal publicity mediums.

Publicity Stunts for Bands Get Press Headlines

They have been very instrumental with helping most of people in the industry to remain relevant. It involves taking part in a daring, crazy or important activity so as to get people in the scene talking about you so as to create attention for upcoming content. However, it is important not to go overboard as it might easily work the opposite way.

All the above tips are important when improving publicity and public relations. They work well when practised individually but they are more efficient when they are used in collaboration. It is impossible for all (or a combination) to work for everyone hence it is important to focus on the most effective.

Getting Publicity on Music Blogs

Find Out How you can Sell Yourself

If you are looking for media coverage you need to ask for it. Don’t hesitate to phone and ask to chat to someone who works in the editorial department that deals with entertainment or music.

Be Creative to Get Music Blog Placements

Become creative, news does not just happen it is something that is created

It is also important to develop your own sense-of-humor. If your audience is laughing that means they are listening. Let’s get real, you play music and you are not a cure for cancer. Avoid becoming too serious, but also don’t become an idiot either.

Grammar Helps with Music Blog Submission

It is vital that you can spell and that you know the basics about grammar. Make sure you use a spellchecker.

Always proofread all your work, followed by allowing someone else to read it, and if possible maybe even a third person. Then allow your work to stew overnight or for a couple of hours. You will be surprised at all the grammatical or spelling errors that appear, along with required edits that become very clear, when you return to your work at a later stage. Incoherent or sloppy press releases or an introductory pitch letter can result in an instant deletion. You will only have one chance in order to make the right first impression.

The Consistency associated with Music Blog Submission Output.

When you are no longer in sight, then you are no longer in mind. You may want to consider sending out personalized “inquiry” or “pitch” letters instead of blasting out those press releases, to important media outlets or editorial contacts that you respect and know will accommodate your preferred audience.  When you build up a relationship with a reporter on a one-on-one basis, this is when you will start to notice things really happening for you. It may start off with a small write up, followed by an attractive feature article a couple of months down the line, when you have played at one of the largest clubs in the U.S.

Media Contacts.

Find out who your media-outlets are and work on building and maintaining a database which contains freelance writers, reporters and editorial contacts with:

– Newspapers- Lifestyle & Business and Arts and Entertainment Sections

– Enthusiast & Trade Magazines

– Bloggers

– Web Sites

– Influencers on the Social Networks

Pay it Forward

Make sure you contribute articles or business tips for free to your trade-media outlets. Keep in mind that to start off with, it is really important that you expose your name. Work on becoming an authority by offering opinions or commentary that will benefit any of your contemporaries when it comes to instrument maintenance, recording, performing, playing techniques, reviews on other bands within your community and more. Ensure that your writing credits are inclusive of a headshot, your full-name, a short bio (which could be something such as “Fritz is the lead singer of the Lemongello and the Pudding Pops”), the band name when applicable, website address and contact info.

Network Opportunities

Find out about your networking opportunities, industry associations, and the trade shows. Make sure you also go out and ensure you are meeting up with people face-to-face. If someone is referring to another person as “connected”, do you know how this person became connected? Well this person put themselves out there to meet people and went onto develop relationships. Here are a few examples of the music-industry associations:

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP)

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)

SF Entertainment Commission

A2IM The American Association of Independent Music

SXSW, South by Southwest

Feedback on your Submissions for Music Features

Respect any feedback, when your story doesn’t seem so great, avoid taking criticism and rejection personally. Criticism along with rejection is at the center of learning and education and when you can learn from them it will assist you in a way to improve your skills.


Be realistic, the only guarantee when it comes to publicity is that there aren’t  any guarantees. Publicity can take some time in order to develop. A few of the best compliments that I received came from Rod Morgenstein a drum great when I met him for the 1st time in 2002, at the Berklee College of Music. At that stage I was working with the press for the publishing division of the Berklee Press. When I introduced myself as “Jordan Rudess’ publicist Dream Theater’s keyboardist” and Rod who preformed alongside Jordan in the Dixie Dregs, of the Rudess Morgensten Project, made a comment that you every music magazine that you opened you would find information about Jordan. I was involved in Jordan’s relentless publicity with one of the leading manufacturers in recording equipment, along with a number of solo-projects, for over 2 years, when Rod made this comment. So, when thinking about being realistic, keep in mind, all those overnight sensations may have taken years to get there.

Finally – How Not To Get Publicity As An Artist

Getting press as an independent artist can be quite tough to do right off the bat, particularly if you are not that into the do’s and don’ts of publicity. We have previously let you in on different pro tips for getting press through our “Ask a Publicist” columns. This time around, however, we are going to explore a couple of behaviors that will certainly blow your chances to smithereens – and yes, we regrettably encounter such bands every single day. Here is a look at four ways not to get press for your music band.

  1. Your friends don’t even know that you are in a band

Somehow, your girlfriend does not even know that you play the guitar. You never talk about your band or about the fact that you have a new album coming out soon. Despite being a very active tweeter among your friends, you are yet to create an official account for your band. You are operating under the notion that being ‘off the grid’ will yield you the kind of fame you have always longed for.

While there is some appeal in mystery, completely cutting yourself off won’t benefit your image as an artist in the long run. Coming up with a way to talk with people about your music is one of the main steps to make – and it is not that easy. However, if you are aiming to get more folk caring about your music, then it’s vital to show that you also care.

  1. You are Joe Cool, always disinterested

A writer called you in to submit an interview to a music blog,it is clear that you overslept after partying all night. Plus, you are not giving him an inch, you are just doling out one-worded answers. By the way, the writer can tell that you are checking your Twitter during the interview.

Having an already-established image and being the ‘cool cat’ are both awesome things; it is advisable that you be open to talking about your music or band. It is not dorky to be excited about what you create.

This is where professionalism will play a big role. If you know you have an interview the next morning, retire home and rest before 2:00 am. Make sure your phone is fully charged and you are awake – you have had a cup of coffee and are fully coherent – when the interviewer calls.

  1. You cannot talk about anything else but your band

The complete opposite of a mysterious recluse is a person who names drops all the time, hands out CDs to anyone, and is constantly oozing a schmoozy vibe. Someone asks for directions and all you do is tell them how you are about to blow up or how you are the next big thing.

In such a scenario, your self-confidence is considered an extreme case of egotism. No one is going to want to get into a conversation with you, let alone get interested in your music. There is a very thin line between exhaustion and enthusiasm, and, my friend, you have crossed it.

  1. You are ignorant of the little guy

Another way to not get any publicity is skipping smaller media outlets, especially the small local ones, and thinking that Rolling Stone will feature you while you are an unknown artist. Smaller media outlets are the ones that can actually do more for your career than the bigger ones.

If you are at such a place or are having troubling talking about your band or music in an enthusiastic, yet moderated manner, then it is vital that you consider making a conscious effort to change how you pitch. The last thing you want to do is to give a rather self-centered pitch like ‘my music is the best and I deserve to get free press’. What you should consider doing is to think about it from the writer’s perspective. Let them understand why they should care. Explore your angle, whether it is a release show, a new album coming out or a sing premiere. It is also vital that you follow them up in a timely manner.

While all of these are somewhat hyperbolic examples, it is still advisable that you remember the lessons at the heart of this piece: professionalism and moderation. You do not want to be completely silent about your band, but you still do not want to cram it down the throats of people. But most of all, you do not want to be the one pretending “not interested” just to cool, especially considering that people can see right through you. When completing interviews, networking, and pitching, have a game plan, be very prompt, and always follow up but in a timely manner. Being professional is one way to show that you are investing in your work and in yourself.

If you are in need of help getting press placements, then we at SMVT are here to help and can get your music and band placed on numerous great music blogs, helping get you the much needed promotion to succeed in this industry.

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